Israel, Palestine · 9 Days · 18 Moments · April 2016

7 May 2016

Headed home

6 May 2016

Finishing final reports. Successful trip

5 May 2016

Botanical gardens in Jerusalem. Meeting with Dr Amir re Kedem

2 May 2016

Meeting with Minister of Science.
Great food. Great restaurant.
Jet lag sucks

1 May 2016

The have pirates in the West Bank
Best humus in 4 galaxies
Greek Easter Sunday.

29 April 2016

Three things I need: crisco, miniature pony and a white crested marmoset
Loving the upgrade

28 April 2016

5 more hours
The big decisions Spectre Point break Spotlight The Martian The night before Christmas Victor Frankenstein
The joy's of travel. It's like a quote from fight club 'butt or crutch' All butt from where I am sitting And it hovered there for 45 mins talking to the guy across the aisle.
An early start. Back for business. Gotta get some stuff done