North America, Asia · 19 Days · 51 Moments · March 2016

Dad and Boy in Israel

7 April 2016

Waiting....for a flight for 5 hours in Newark. Just want to get home. Been traveling for 24 hours so far. Another 4 to go.

6 April 2016

Off for an explore
Great lunch spot

5 April 2016

Looking for coins ; met up with a new group.
65% of the bible takes place on 15 acres of land

4 April 2016

Had to hire a car and drive around Jerusalem today....bloody hell...what an experience that was

3 April 2016

A beautiful day in Bethlehem. Have the morning off. Business meetings this afternoon.

2 April 2016

Walking Tel Aviv to Jaffa
MB Art studio

1 April 2016

Beautiful olive wood tables
Gilgal; worship tower; tower of witness
Love the sign
The location where Elijah was taken up the mantel fell and where Jesus was baptized. The site where the ax floated.
One of our business opportunities on the Dead Sea

31 March 2016

From Jerusalem art studio
Sitting in the lower room below the real upper room. This is at the actual tomb of David. Noah reading at the upper room. The upper room was actually a synagogue. The upper room where the Holy Ghost came.

30 March 2016

Church of St Stephen the martyr. Burial place of Christ.
Valley of the shadow of death, Haggai tomb; Zachariah tomb
Grotto Restaurant
Vatican gates

29 March 2016

10 th legion

28 March 2016

Jordan portion of the trip has been flooded out. So we will be making itinerary changes.
Crucifixion and 10th legion
Israel museum

27 March 2016

Jaffa. Oldest hotel in world. 6000 years old. Biblical Jaffa. Said to be the most beautiful artist colony in the Middle East.

26 March 2016

Spent all day traveling trying to get out of Mt Sinai national park. It was raining and predicted to flood. Got turned back my IDF because of terrorist activity. The IDF is great. On top of stuff like that all the time.
Egyptian border fence

25 March 2016

Dinner and sleeping quarters
Up the mountain, oldest menorah on earth, the place where the elders sat waiting for Moses ; tomb of Joesph after leaving Egypt ; temple of Jethro; representation of the first commandments;
Camp site @ foot of Mt Sinai
12 stones laid by Moses at the foot of Mt Sinai
The 'Sphinx' in the middle of the mt Sinai range
The camouflage of the bug!!
On the way to Mt Sinai. Tank firing range.

24 March 2016

Diving the Red Sea.
Pillars of Jethro
Hieroglyphics drawn by ancient Jews telling their story from Egypt
Pre tabernacle shrine of Hebrew slaves in eygpt
The northern brother of the Shita bush brings pain, the southern a southern
Timna crater, example of burning bush 'Shita' , teenagers.
Copper mine of timna

23 March 2016

Gotta love jet lag
Negev Camel ranch

22 March 2016

He is enjoying Arabic soap operas. Can't understand a word, but then the plots never change !!!
Had a bugger of a time at the airport after landing. Noah said " don't worry dad, You can't plan adventures" love that kid

21 March 2016

We are off!! Flight delayed. Boy is pumped.
Off to airport. Waiting for uber

20 March 2016

Noah's clothes for 2 weeks. My bandages and crap. Sigh All packed. One more sleep. Believing it is a rite of passage time with him.