Australia · 15 Days · 18 Moments · November 2016

John's adventure in Australia

26 November 2016

Pic 1 is in Changi; we flew further south than we did on way out/ channel country

25 November 2016

The mangoes were NQ R2E2 @ $2.69 each; went to Gardens by Bay with Supertrees and Cloud Forest. We walked so much we'll probably give Beach Road Christmas lights a pass. This probably is the end unless there are some orchids at Changi.

24 November 2016

We went to orchid section of Botanic Gardens this morning; entry to restaurant; I had steak, delicious, from Oz; laser light show tonight with images projected by laser on to water droplets.
Singapore- arrived 0630; met by shuttle; at hotel by 0730; what a contrast? Two pics of orchid displays at Changi.

23 November 2016

7 late leavers went to Botanic Gardens; 21 Mother Teresa's nuns having day out; world's biggest Banyan tree; cow pats drying on wall- note hand prints .

22 November 2016

Not much to show today. Went to mosque in Bandal; former Portuguese colony; pretty decrepit and later to Chandenagor, once a French settlement; Christian influence and lots of schools; dock in Kolkata after midnight

21 November 2016

Maya put, the home of Hari Krishna. The building is a planetarium to be bigger than any other religious building in the world. The area was the cleanest public area we've seen- American influence

20 November 2016

Murshidabad- the farthest we go up river; went into town on horse drawn carts and then on walk through mosque and museum to British India. We now start heading back down river. I still have chest infection which isn't helpful.

18 November 2016

Jalna: went to some Indian temples through slums then a market. Rest of day on boat. People have a 'bug'

17 November 2016

We are, this afternoon cruising up river; pic 1 was this morning with people washing themselves, their clothes and their teeth on mother Ganges; our chef making omelettes for us; Mother Teresa's orphanage for disabled (terrible); our boat and the tender we use to get on and off if the boat can't find a wharf.

16 November 2016

We flew from Jaipur this morning and are aboard; pic 1 is our bedroom; pic 2 is the top back deck- there are 3 decks and we are on 2; pic 3 is of the river bank here. We stay here tomorrow and do a shore trip including to Mother Teresa's place.

15 November 2016

Jaipur: pic1 is the native dress here for men- pyjamas; this is the room we are in 221- this is the sort of structure they entertained the visiting nobs in; at first dinner when we arrived they gave and tied every man with a turban/ l don't think I did it justice; we went to the observatory here today built by the Maharajah in 1734 and this one, the fifth he guilt in India, was the biggest; shadow tells the time. Jaipur is on 27 deg N, same as Brisbane is S; ramp is angled at 27deg; supposedly accurate to 2 seconds but I don't believe that

14 November 2016

And this is the inside of our bedroom- note ceiling. This is a beautiful place. We leave around 5AM tomorrow
Have just arrived in Jaipur. Drove down streets where people are living under shelters made of what they can find and then we are in hotel covering 35 acres; our room is a tent. But arrived in dark. Pics are of Taj Mahal at sun up with a couple of arches glistening; pic 3 is of one of the hotel staff in Agra who talked to kids in Melbourne (Asda). The men in hotel where uniforms called pyjamas and is where the English term came from.

13 November 2016

Travelled from Delhi to Agra for late lunch; but went to the red fort first(pics 1 & 2) pic 3 is view from our balcony; pic 4 is the Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan in memory of wife. This was at sundown; we go back tomorrow at 5:30AM. 5 nationalities on trip with 49 people. Being Sunday the roads can be chaotic and lots of people at the Taj

12 November 2016

I don't have any images of the hotel on this phone. Pic 1 is of India Gate celebrating Indian independence. Then to Ghandi's memorial with Rhesus monkeys in trees and spot where he was assassinated. Then 4 is Mughal tomb made by one of the early Mughals. 5 is of a queue outside a bank; this is happening everywhere. Overnight they cancelled 500 and 1000 rupee notes and brought in 2000INR; this was war against black economy; people can convert limited notes to new currency till end December; converters must show ID when doing it; guide says someone was going state to state cashing notes and police found that his car was packed with equivalent of $10Million; not sure I can believe that. Last pic is of a minaret built by a Mughal which has no mortar and is very tall; there was also steel column from 6th Century here. It's dusty. Shops selling masks were going gangbusters as were banks
Three images associated with hotel; nice place; the green are hanging gardens; the water is decorative and not for swimming;bad smog

11 November 2016

In transit on Lavina's phone. Have updated her stuff. Looks like a big plane but not that many psssengers yet