North America, Asia, Europe · 327 Days · 43 Moments · January 2017

Johann's 2017 Travels

11 December 2017

Los Angeles 🇺🇸 - following the success of the trial we had to go back out to L.A. to implement the gates into production. This time we stayed at Long Beach, on our first night with the whole team we found some awesome live music by Joanna Gerolaga at Auld Dubliner pub and on our last morning we cycled down the beach, taking in the sights including the Queen Mary.

7 December 2017

Lisbon 🇵🇹 - the trip started with beautiful views over London, followed by a day working with Vision Box perfecting our biometric boarding technology. The evening was spent catching up with my good friend Rafa and enjoying free drinks at his friends nightclub.

12 November 2017

Getting to L.A. a day early did have it's perk, I got to watch my first ever American Football game, L.A. Rams vs Houston Texans. I was sitting with a Houston fan who part way through the game got up and stood in front of L.A. fans wearing a Houston Astros 2017 World Series Champions t-shirt (they beat L.A. Dodgers), the reaction of the crowd was hilarious.

11 November 2017

Los Angeles 🇺🇸 - I came out here for work to trial full biometric boarding, we had some long and stressful days but got it all working in the end to be the first airline in the world to do this. On our last day we had the morning off so took a cycle ride up the beach and then threw the American Football around.

24 October 2017

Barcelona 🇪🇸 - this was a nice little two day work conference trip. Sabre really looked after us providing food and alcohol throughout and tapas at El Nacional the second night, and I of course took full advantage.

6 September 2017

On our last day we took a boat trip out to the Blue Lagoon. This place was gorgeous, while there was not really any space for laying in the sun, the crystal clear water was so warm and the rock faces contributed to the beauty of this places so you could complain.

5 September 2017

Many scenes for Game of Thrones are filmed in Malta and in the town of Valetta you could almost picture yourself in the middle of a Westeros town.

4 September 2017

Malta 🇲🇹 - we had a great time here, got upgraded to a brilliant room with excellent views, visited many parts of the island with the car, and skinny dipped at 2:00am with quite a crowd watching.

3 September 2017

To recover from our morning trek, we visited Szechenyi natural hot springs. Chilled out for a few hours in the hot springs, drinking beer, and admiring the view (I'm tslking about the architecture honest).
On our last day we walked around the Buda half of the city, definitely my favourite side but very hilly.

2 September 2017

Budapest 🇭🇺 - Ryan's second visit to Europe took us to two more locations. We started with Budapest, a great city with classic architecture and a lot of fun here, including a entertaining but very small ice bar.

25 August 2017

On my last day, me, Simon, and Chris battled in a ferocious game of mini golf where the erratic start by the two "young guns" were soundly beaten by age and experience.

24 August 2017

Not wanting to spend hours queuing at the main Disney attractions, we visited Gatorland and it was surprisingly good. It was both educational (there's albino alligators) and fun.

22 August 2017

Orlando 🇺🇸 - what was meant to be a trip for a one day meeting at the airport, turned into a fun mini break with Simon and his son Chris. They arrived to their timeshare apartment in Disney Springs the day I was supposed to be leaving so invited me to stay with them.

4 August 2017

The town of Morzine has so much to do and we took full advantage. Played tennis, took a ride on the town train, went up the cable cars, slid down the mountain on wheeled sled, but the most fun was climbing around the adventure course through the trees.

2 August 2017

Family day at Lac de Montriond, it's so beautiful here, swimming and playing in the refreshing lake surrounded by stunning mountain peaks. Even took the time to walk around the lake and made the short trek up to the waterfall.

1 August 2017

The largest cable car network in Europe is not just for winter. In the summer it takes you to some of the most spectacular views you could ever hope to see.

29 July 2017

Morzine 🇫🇷 - our annual family holiday is always so much fun and a little crazy, we got a great chalet with stunning views from the balcony and Jacuzzi. We had a couple of great thunderstorms but still had the BBQ running on those nights.

20 June 2017

The old town in Shanghai is so beautiful, so many classic Chinese architecture buildings that come to life in the lights at night.

19 June 2017

Shanghai 🇨🇳 - it rained a lot but I still had a lot of fun here. The skyline is the most beautiful I've seen, having a view of it from my hotel room (including from the shower) was a bonus.

17 June 2017

I had a chilled out evening at Banpo Bridge and Hangang Park for my last night in Seoul, eating street food and watching the water jets from the bridge dance to music and lights.
Walking around Seodaemun Prison was horrifying, hearing the recordings of screams and seeing the rooms where South Korean prisoners got tortured by the Japanese was a very sombre experience.

16 June 2017

Seoul is surrounded by a city wall running over four mountain peaks. I had a wonderful day trekking through Bukaksan, the highest peak and an active military zone, I had to show my passport, get a special pass, and you are only allowed to take photos at designated spots.

15 June 2017

Seoul 🇰🇷 - what a beautiful city, the mix of the new and old architecture is enchanting and the people so friendly. I loved exploring this city, in particular the cable car ride to some stunning views and 100 times more love locks than Paris. The hotel had the scariest looking toilet I've ever seen but I'll admit I did press most the buttons.

11 June 2017

Used my free night at Sonesta Suites to host a poolside BBQ for my Chicago friends. Lovely day eating, drinking, and swimming in the sun followed by watching Ryan and co play soccer.

10 June 2017

I got to experience my first tailgating at the Chicago Fire soccer game. We've got to start doing this in England, BBQ on the back of the pickup truck and playing cornhole while drinking lots of beer and then watching the game.

8 June 2017

Chicago 🇺🇸 - I came here to visit my brother from another mother but I also got to see Abigail and Andrew while on their little tour of America, the three of us plus Ryan and Doug had an awesome night out in the city around Wrigleyville celebrating their engagement.

29 March 2017

Dublin 🇨🇮 - took a little trip out here for work which included an interesting look at Aer Lingus first aircraft and a fascinating tour of the Microsoft Datacentre, the security was so tight we literally couldn't take even the smallest bit of metal into the datacentre and had badges that slowly changed colour to show if we had been in there too long.

28 March 2017

The architecture in Berlin is spectacular, from the Brandenburg Gate to Berliner Fernsehturm, I had to stop at almost every other building to admire it.

27 March 2017

Berlin 🇩🇪 - we caught our flight with litteraly seconds to spare after getting stuck in huge traffic jam on the way to the airport. We de-stressed when we arrived by making the most of the free spa and free alcohol at the hotel.

26 March 2017

The red light district was a crazy experience, from smoking weed to walking along streets full of prostitutes in the windows. Ryan was like a kid in a candy store here, although I have to admit I did visit a sex museum haha.

25 March 2017

Amsterdam 🇳🇱 - such a picturesque city with its old architecture and canals, although walking around you do see the odd clue of the sex and drugs that take over the city at night. Sharing the sights, experience and nightlife with Doug and Ryan made it even better.

6 March 2017

Phi Phi Island - James Bond and The Beach were filmed here and it's not hard to see why, stunning islands, crystal clear waters, monkeys on the beach, soft white sand, and urinals just out there in the open haha.

4 March 2017

Phuket - the hotel was wonderful and they treated me like royalty, I got a gift at check-in and an upgrade to the best suite in the hotel with panoramic ocean views and large L shape balcony, thank you Platinum Membership. I had the best clams ever at Patong Beach and enjoyed some awesome snorkelling out at a beautiful coral reef, although I had a minor panic swimming over the huge sea urchins.

1 March 2017

Bangkok 🇹🇭 - what can I say about this place other than it is unique and unbelievable, I met some awesome people here and got very very drunk. I also made the mistake of taking a tuk tuk ride, my driver seem to want to take me everywhere other than my requested destination.

28 February 2017

Wow this was an amazing day at the Cu Chi Tunnels, one I will never forget. My tour guide was a Vietnam War veteran, hearing first hand his account of what happened was so different to what was reported by the media and walking through the tiniest of tunnels that soldiers had to spend weeks living in was a powerful and eye opening experience. I also got to fire an M4 submachine gun, the gun and bullets were left by the Americans after the Vietnam war, it was weird to think that weapon was used in actual war but as the tour guide said they are one shot kill bullets so that's potentially 10 lives saved by using up the bullets.

27 February 2017

Ho Chi Minh 🇻🇳 - the thousands of mopeds filling the streets were crazy, crossing the road with no traffic lights was heart pounding, the people were so friendly, the city beautiful, the history fascinating and they had Stark Tower haha, I absolutely loved Ho Chi Minh.

26 February 2017

Kuala Lumpur had a lot of great bars but my favourite was the Heli Lounge Bar, by day an operational helicopter pad, by night an open air bar with a spectacular views.

25 February 2017

It was a super hot day but I had a lovely/exhausting day at the Batu Caves, the extra tour into the pitch black deep caves was well worth it, although having to go all the way down the steps and back up to find a cash machine almost finished me. The funniest moment of the day was when I got my drink stolen directly out of my hand by a monkey and when I tried to take it back he got nasty, suffice to say he won and kept the drink haha.

24 February 2017

Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 - this wasn't originally a step on my itenary for this trip but I had to take an earlier flight which gave me a couple of days here. I ended up having a great time and seeing, what I think is, one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world, the Petronas Towers.

25 January 2017

Spent a day at the Natural History Museum with the Puig squad, we were there for close to 5 hours but it easily could have been twice that, I love this place.

21 January 2017

My first ever night out in Williamsburgh, it's sooo hipster, people ride their bikes to a bar, get drunk and then ride them back home. I was actually feeling full of cold that night but a shot of Jagermeister got rid of it completely, great medicine. We also went to see a jam band concert at the Brooklyn Bowl, it was different but good fun.

19 January 2017

New York 🇺🇸 - visiting the awesomeness that is Larissa and the Puig family. Never laughed so much than when we were playing Quelf and I had to speak with a pirate voice for the whole game. I also got introduced to Poker-Keeno and brought both games back to England.