United States of America · 7 Days · 27 Moments · April 2017

Bake's East Bound & Down 2017

10 April 2017

Trevor you deserve the best award for your ability to pass gas anytime and destroy the best of plumbing no matter where you are at. 🍻🏆 THE MASTER PLUNGER AWARD!

9 April 2017

Sunday- April 9: Trevor dropped me off at the Melbourne Airport at 4 am. I had a two hour lay over at the Atlanta Airport , arrived at LAX, caught a shuttle and arrived home at 2pm. Thanks Trevor, I had a great time and a memorable trip. East bound and down, loaded up and truckin', We're gonna do what they say can't be done. We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there. I'm east bound, just watch ol' "TBone" run. Keep your foot hard on the pedal. Son, never mind them brakes. Let it all hang out 'cause we got a run to make. The boys are thirsty in Atlanta and there's food in Alabama. And we'll bring it back no matter what it takes. Ol' Smokey's got them ears on and he's hot on your trail. He aint gonna rest 'til you're in jail. So you got to dodge 'im and you got to duck 'im,You got to keep that diesel truckin'. Just put that hammer down and give it hell.

8 April 2017

Saturday - April 8 / The long road trip was over and we slept until noon. We decided to go eat and while we were out Trevor was contacted by his roommate and told that the WiFi system would be installed today. I was dropped off at the hotel and he went there to make sure the installation was correct and unloaded his vehicle. Early evening dinner for us both because my flight was at 5:30am.
🚕💨Saturday Morning after driving on some very dark road and going through at least five toll road stations, we arrive at the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne, Florida.😉 We had just enough energy to get to our room, and get ready for bed. 😴💤

7 April 2017

After putting on a few hundred miles Trevor decides it is time for some home cooked BarBQ. Thank you Lord for the daylight hours, because he had to locate the place he wanted to eat at and check all the reviews on his cellphone, while once again driving in a heavily posted deer crossing area.(😳) The place we ate at is called the "BIG WOOD." Great Food but NO BEEF RIBS just pork. Very country mostly visited by the local population. There were definitely some inbreds in that place😜
Trevor, as always, was the first to drive. I must admit he is a great driver but does have his moments of making a questionable decision. I am so thankful that my beautiful wife made me do a complete heart health check because if I had a problem, I would have had a heart attack for sure. Especially traveling 70 to 80 miles per hour, and he decides to text, read the map on his phone and or reach towards the back seat for snacks or drinks. 😖Ahhhhh We crossed into Florida and stopped at the first rest stop to stretch and leave our mark. Beautiful & Clean Place👍🏻
Alabama proved to be a state of long roads and basically the same scenery. The only entertainment we had was when we noticed a car entering the roadway and had a lane to itself to enter the flow of traffic. For some reason this Jackass suddenly stops and signals to lane change while on the ramp. 😧WHAT!! The traffic directly behind this person, had to swing around the right, going on the shoulder of the roadway and raising a lot of dirt and dust. As we passed this potential major traffic accident, smokes from the other vehicles tires while braking filled the air. Traffic had safely passed this #^%}$€, driver and he then safely entered the roadway. Helloooo Alabama😳
Trevor wanted to eat at McElroy's on the beach and took these pictures from the outside patio area.
Friday, April 7: The morning weather in Biloxi, Mississippi, is just perfect. Our hotel was right on the beach and very tempting to stay an extra day to enjoy the beach.

6 April 2017

The time is once again heading towards midnight and we finally arrive at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi. Tomorrow we plan to arrive in Melbourne, Florida. GOOD NIGHT😴💤
🚚💨 So many crazy drivers on this road trip and unbelievable situations. A wide load truck with half of the prefabricated home on the trailer and the other half onto the shoulder of the road. So many cars that tailgate and later seen on the shoulder of the highway involved in a traffic accident. The crazy sight so far was watching a eighteen wheelers driving over the speed limit and pass a car driving in the slow lane on the right side, onto the shoulder of the road just to get in front and then had to brake for slowing traffic.😳CRAZY!🙃
Since we are putting ten to twelve hours in driving, Trevor has allowed me to drive the last two days for a few hours to help out. Today we crossed into the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.
A Special Thank You to Pam Patton👍🏻
📝Personal Note: Before we parked in Buc-ee's parking lot, Trevor once more filled the car with his laughter and human gas fumes. The car was quickly parked, and I opened the doors and windows to air it out, as Trevor rushed into the store to use their bathroom.🚽💦 Satisfied the car was refreshed, I locked up the car and went into the store to browse. 🚕💨Done shopping we were leaving the parking lot when we noticed that there was a victim to the airing out of the car when we arrived. The picture said it all😂
Before leaving the wonderful State of Texas, at the suggestion by my brother, Larry, we did stop at Buc-ee's Convenience Store and Gas Station. The largest convenice store (because everything is big in Texas) with over sixty gas pumps and a wide array of food items, hunting equipment, souvenirs, and a bakery. Trevor had to use the bathroom (of course) and sure enough a employee was being called because there was a problems with the plumbing🚽💦 in the men's bathroom. Had to take a picture of Trevor and Buc-ee Beaver🐾
⌛️April 6 / 10:30 AM : Getting a slow start this morning after two late evenings of arriving at our hotel at midnight. Going to try and drive through to Biloxi, Mississippi today. Weather still good, looks like we are one day behind a wet storm heading east.
Thursday - April 6 :. I am so thankful that the weather has been warm but not hot, because at a moment notice the sound of barking spiders from the drivers seat is followed by the distinctive smell of road kill. Once again the passenger window goes down seeking fresh air. Of course I'm talking about Trevor who can fart at anytime day or night and then smile, broadcasting ," It doesn't smell." Thank God I don't have asthma or we would be making many more stops😂💦 Trevor's solution " Man Up!" Me... Time for revenge, " Beans Please.!"

5 April 2017

🚕💨11:45 PM 🏨Arrived at the San Antonio Hyatt Place and got our room. 😴💤
🚕💨7 PM - Arrived at Lance, Julie and Drew's Home. Had a wonderful time visiting and having dinner cooked by Lance. What a beautiful home and family😉
Wednesday - April 5 / 8:30 am 🚕💨Leaving El Paso and heading East to San Antonio, Texas. Our plans are to visit Lance, Julie and Drew Turner and spend the evening at the Hyatt Place in San Antonio🏨
Arrived in El Paso, Texas at 11:30 pm. Twelve hours on the road and I have to give Trevor credit, though he looked like a Zombie, he drove all the way.🤢

4 April 2017

Back on the road and pushing it to make it to El Paso, tonight. The weather started getting cooler especially the moment we crossed the New Mexico State Line and stopped at the first rest stop to stretch in Cochise county.
On the road and the scenery of the desert can go from beautiful to outright tiring. Singing to country tones and rehashing old stories was wearing thin, when we were rejuvenated the moment we saw the posted Arizona State Line Stopped to get gas at a fabulous truck stop, stretch and picked up a CHP approved Tire Thumper for TL.
Tuesday - April 4 / Leaving Rancho Mirage, California and Heading East for Melbourne, Florida. But first it's time for breakfast and the pilot needs to wake up.
A working breakfast - No Peace For The Cowboy😃

3 April 2017

The first day of Trevor and I (Joe Awesome) Great American Road Trip from California to Florida, started just the way it always does for poor Trevor, late as usual. The Movers for his Palmdale Apartment furniture was late, his car had a unusal sound that had to be repaired, and after doing the basic troubleshooting the problem was finally resolved after calling his dad in Idaho. His day had started at 7 am and was now on the road to pick me up in Thousand Oaks at 2:30 pm, enjoying the pleasure of driving in heavy LA traffic. At 4:30pm, Trevor arrives at the house, has a short visit with his Aunt Lisa and his niece, Kinsley, and nephew, Cash. 🚕💨Hello open road, we are on the road at 5:30pm with our first stop at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Rancho Mirage. The traffic was a mess throughout LA until we reach Ontario and then we had to deal with the crazy Lane changes of the big rigs and the camping trailers fishtailing behind those speeding drivers. We arrived at our hotel at 8:30pm.