United States of America · 8 Days · 26 Moments · July 2017

2017 Texas to Colorado

21 July 2017

Romero's Cantina ...awesome!
Disembarked in Silverton

20 July 2017

Just gor in trouble for drinking a well deserved drink in the streets of Durango. Apparently, they frown on that!
On our way uo to Mesa Verde

19 July 2017

Just pulled into the Durango KOA
Current situation: broke down right outside of Durango. Not getting boost. John figured it out and fixed by the time I finished writing this! Helps to have a guy who knows stuff!
On the road again heading to Durrango. Bye Ouray until next year...

17 July 2017

On to Hurricane Pass, California and Corkscrew
Came down off Engineer into Animas Ghost town and looked around a bit. I drove quite a bit, so not many pics.
Started up to Engineer Pass with John behind the wheel then Chance gave it a whirl. Explored that old mine on the way up and this year we didnt almost die. Most of the pics today are on the camera.

16 July 2017

Back over the mountain via the Last Dollar Rd... little bit over cast most of the way, so minimal pics.
Stopped in Telluride for Burgers and a quick look around. Adults went on a walk about abd I took the kids for ice cream.
John took the wheel for the tricky part and that first switch back. I took over for the rest of the way down to the bottom of bridal falls.
Well a good time was had by all. We trekked up Black Bear, stopped at the summit and had a group picture made. Stopped for a little snow ball fight on the way down. Then, Chance took the wheel, until we came upon a middle aged man who dumped his bike and 200lbs of gear right before the tricky part. The guy was pretty shaken up, but not hurt. The back break had overheated abd wouldn't grab. Poor guy admitted he was getting too old for two days of hard core trail riding. After a meeting of the minds, it was decided that John and Clint would help him down the tricky part while he was strapped on to a Jeep behind him. Talk about nerve wracking, from a distance it looked like they were avout to fall off the the side of the mountain! Chance hiked down there and surveyed the situation... needless to say he handed over the wheel to John.
Black Bear Pass
Departed the KOA@ 0900 CBs sychronized to channel 5 Mission: Black Bear pass into Telluride for reasonably priced gourmet burgers and maybe some ice cream if everyone is good.
Chilling at the Ouray KOA camp site 60 waiting on the rest of the crew. Right on the corner, excellent shade in the evening.

15 July 2017

Almost to Ouray!
The type of traffic I don't mind dealing with.
Comparing views
Loaded up and we are off to Colorado!
Stayed at the Coronado Campground in Bernalillo, NM

14 July 2017

We went to the Range Cafe in Bernanillo. Awesome as always... I hear the meatloaf with salsa verde gravey is excellent, but my trout with capers and polenta was the bomb!
Finally made it the campground and met up with the Elstons!
7.14.17 With the bus and Jeep loaded down, we embarked on our endeavor and met the Brown's in Desdamona, Tx. The trip to Bernalillo, NM took a little bit longer than usual as the Brown's were hauling 2 Jeeps on a 30 ft trailer. Needless to say, we made a few extra fuel stops.