Taiwan · 8 Days · 40 Moments · September 2017

ISSCC 2017: Culinary Adventure in Taipei

24 September 2017

Lunch at the Consulate Restaurant in Tamsui
More of the Fort
Inside the Fort
Fort San Domingo
More of old Tamsui
Tamsui sightseeing along the wharf
At the station catching the train to Tamsui

22 September 2017

Beautiful desserts after lunch at Silks Palace
Silks Palace
Lunch at Silks Palace, at the Taipei Palace Museum

21 September 2017

Raohe Street Night Market
Competition Day !! Go Beautiful girls

20 September 2017

Kp Chefs factory dumpling making and dinner
Dihua street visit / fabric and tea market
Market visit
Market visit

19 September 2017

Chinese style lunch at KP factory - so delicious!
Chinese Sweet soup and fruits- Desert
Tour with KaiPing Culinary School
Lunch -yum!!
KP Chefs Chinese Restaurant-today's lunch menu
ISSCC Practice - each team's entry
Kai Ping Culinary School -morning tea , yum

18 September 2017

Opening ceremony celebrations! More delicious desserts and some of the students competing in the competition this week.
ISCC opening ceremony dinner gorgeous deserts
Birds of a feather....
Photo fun
If we could talk to the animals....
At the Zoo
Birthday wish - an adventure by train to the Taipei Zoo!
Birthday girl's morning celebrations and breakfast with our Noumea and NZ friends. (#creativewrappingpaperwhenoverseas)

17 September 2017

Sight-seeing around Taipei. The hop on hop off bus was fantastic!
Local sights in Taipei
First morning breakfast at Cafe Bene