Indonesia · 15 Days · 5 Moments · November 2016

Hunting good swell in Bali

21 November 2016

Stéphie left after we spent a lovely time together here in Bali <3 Time for the ocean, time to surf now! It's incredible what a bond I've evolved with the ocean, it's my place of calm and happiness, of deep satisfaction and inner peace - these feelings are never as intensive as on the seaside, in the water, while surfing or kitesurfing. I improved my surfing quite a bit but it's really hard on the body as well. What an intensive sport! I usually go out around 5:30/6am and I love learning to read the waves. I met some nice people, a friend I haven't seen for more than 12 years (!), but also made new friends from around the world. Most of the time I try to enjoy some me-time, trying to recap the time I spent travelling the world the last couple of months. So many impressions, so much to process. It's gonna take a while to let this settle.

15 November 2016

Uluwatu! What a magical place on earth if you're into surfing. You can watch the spot from the cliffs, the reef is huge and the wave fast and powerful. If it gets big here you might better be sure what you're doing on this board. We just went there for one night but I was captured by it's beauty and almost couldn't stop watching the surfers out there Sunday night is ''Single Fin'' - night and the place was absolutely crowded. It was fun to watch, but once more, not our group of people :-) However we had an amazing night out, laughing a lot after s couple of beers! Monday morning we went back to Canggu and it was raining cats and dogs. I decided to cancel my flight back home and stay on surfing. A bit less time for baking ''Guetzli'' but definitely worth the experience.

13 November 2016

After Ubud we went back to Canggu and stayed in a wonderful hotel again. It was raining quite a lot during this time so we did the same as always: going for massages, chai teas and tried the whole menu in all these special restaurants in the area. We also tried to become part of the cool crowd with joining Deus at ladies night, but it was definitely not our cup of tea. Still fun watching people and enjoying drinks, as always with Stéphanie :-) Golddust is the place to go when it comes to massages, mani/pedi and whatever else you might want to treat your body with. It's managed by Bettina, a cool ''Bündnermeitli'' and she's really inspiring somehow. Next entry: Uluwatu!

9 November 2016

Throwback to Ubud Part I: We had such a relaxing time in Ubud! Nice hotel, but most importantly great food everyday, long walks through the rice fields to our favourite place ''Warung Sweet Orange'' where we spent hours and hours, just sitting there, ordering fruit juices, reading and talking. Ubud offers nice places for massages and all that beauty stuff and we were able to calm down and just enjoy the peacefulness of this place. Ubud has this wonderful atmosphere which is hard to describe, you must feel and see it.

7 November 2016

It all started back in Brazil...Stéphanie, my eatpraylove-friend, sent me a message, asking whether I wanna join her for a relaxing-goodfood-nicedrinks-yoga-massage-vacation in Bali. As I was homesick like hell and we always had wonderful vacation and training camps in the last years I didn't hesitate to say yes! 3 weeks later, 10:30am in the morning, we ordered our first Gin Tonic in the air and on the way to Singapore. Our trip started in Canggu. Nice place, absolutely gorgeous restaurants and yoga studios around and plenty of waves to surf (if you're a beginner...). Way too many hipsters, a bit too vegan and glutenfree, but we never say no to nice food, fancy shops and beautiful massage places. There's a lot to do around Seminyak and Canggu and with our very cool motorbikes we were cruising around quite a lot!