United States of America · 7 Days · 15 Moments · November 2016

Joe & Nikki's trip to Kauai County, HI, Un...

26 November 2016

Saturday. Slept in. Packed up and cleaned. Had breakfast/lunch at lava lava beach club. Dropped off car and headed home.
Friday. Slept in with the chickens. Got lunch and went to anini beach. Beach bummed it all afternoon and came home and had spaghetti.
Thursday. Two boat dives in the morning. Drove up to Waimea canyon. Hiked canyon hike to falls. Came home and had spaghetti. 4 mile hike.
Wednesday. Dives cancelled. Came home and took a nap. Went to Princeville just to see it. Hiked queens bath. Went I to hanalei and had dinner at kalypsos. Got ice cream and went home.
Tuesday. Napoli coast hike. All the way to the falls. HanKoa falls. Barracuda for dinner. Very yummy.
Monday. Four dives two shore and two boat.

23 November 2016

Queens bath

20 November 2016

Amazing scenic view. Agricultural valley area. Awesome. Huge waterfall way up high in the mountains.
Perfect easy swimming beach. Very nice. We will have to come back. Stopping for a quick snack and then continue the hunt for a frosty beer.
Same place.
Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. Cool lighthouse. Closed today. Bird sanctuary. Smell like bird poop.
Kahili beach. Hike and quick dip.
Beautiful beach. Tried to hunt crabs but no dice.
El Ray Del Mar. Awesomely huge breakfast burritos. We are gonna have to go hiking for sure now.
Airbnb at the Thai Garden hut. We did not realize that the toilet was a walk. In the dark it was interesting. Hahah.