Europe, Asia · 62 Days · 83 Moments · May 2016

Robinsons adventure in United Kingdom

4 July 2016

On our way home, we have a 6 hour lay over at KL and the kids are tuckered out due to 15hrs flying without sleep

1 July 2016

London Eye great view
Greenwich observatory today, back to coldish weather today.

29 June 2016

Swimming at the beach in Positano today, beautiful weather and water. The hot rocks to the water are a killer.

28 June 2016

Mt Vesuvius Lovely day, great views, the bus ride was pretty good, slipped over a few times on the way down.
At Pompeii waiting for our bus to take us to Mt Vesevius.

27 June 2016

A relaxing day by the pool in Sorrento today, still warm and the kids don't want to be tourists anymore.

26 June 2016

Fireworks last night at midnight not sure why but pretty loud, Noah slept through it all. Spent the day in Capri, it was very hot and very busy not very enjoyable at all. Did not visit the blue grotto as it was a 2hr wait. Went to Anacapri and then went back to Sorrento where the kids went swimming in the pool.

24 June 2016

Last day in Rome today, Pantheon, Spanish steps, the cat sanctuary and wondered the streets. P

23 June 2016

Colleseum today, got lost and found the Trevi Fountain, pretty sunburnt
Old Rome, it rained for some of it and now it is really humid.

22 June 2016

Vatican today, very hot today, waited to get into the museum for 2 hours. Lovely!!!

20 June 2016

Florence today, a little bit of shopping and more icecream.

18 June 2016

Siena today, lovely square with tall tower that we climbed to the top.

17 June 2016

Pisa today, everyone feeling relaxed, the kids are on the lawn area wrestling in the sunshine with their dad.

16 June 2016

San Gimignano, Lovely place lovely weather, swimming today and then into town for icecream. So many cheeses, wines and pasta, Italy at its best.

14 June 2016

Venice today, everyone a bit tired and foot sore. Took a boat ride and then headed home.

13 June 2016

Verona at night, Noah forgot to put on his shorts, only realised when we had left so he now has a new pair.
Verona today, lovely weather, visited the coliseum and the band Black Sabath were getting ready. Went back early afternoon to our apartment for a test. Cooked tea and headed out for a walk and icecream and listen outside to Black Sabath.

12 June 2016

Verona, what can I say, you are wonderful. Had the best pizza ever at Salvatore and then wondered the streets, everyone was out having a fabulous time.
Short overnight stop in Milan, off to Verona for a few days

11 June 2016

After doing the washing in Nice we are now in Milan. Very close scare with the train, Nate nearly missed it dropping off the hire car.

10 June 2016

Mount Bentoux and then dinner at Ibis Avignon. Last night before we head to Italy
Bourgeois-Saint-andeol for lunch

9 June 2016

Alp de Huez, the kids wanted snow, a little pocket of snow was enough for them.
Grenoble today, lovely views at the Bastille.

8 June 2016

Off to the Champagne region today, children educated in the making of Mo√ęt. The large barrel was a gift from Napoleon.

7 June 2016

At Reims today, visited the Cathedral after it poured down with rain and prior to that visited Villers Brit Nerv Australian memorial. Finding the children a bit hard to take today as I think they are over it.

6 June 2016

Brugge, had a quick trip over to enjoy waffles in the same cafe we went to last time we were here over 10 years ago. Still the best waffles ever!!!
Visited Fromells today, was lovely to visit and pay tribute to our Australian soldiers. Beautiful place but so many fallen

4 June 2016

Arc De Triomph and the kids only wanted Maccas
Versailles today, very beautiful, the children are very tired, lots of walking in the gardens. The children playing with their light sabers.

3 June 2016

Dysneyland such a shame most attractions were closed for maintenance but the children had a fantastic time

2 June 2016

Flooding in France, Paris is flooded in some places and they are worried about the Louve. We hope all will be okay as we are driving across France on Sunday, I don't want to swim. Missed a riot in our suburb, did watch the riot police chase people past our apartment.
My children are not great fans of beautiful art, we weren't there long, long enough to see MONA and then back to the apartment to rest up for Disneyland tomorrow.

1 June 2016

A day in Paris, crepes at Notre Dame and Noah finally got himself a pigeon
The Eiffel Tower, wonderful!! We all managed to walk up and down with minimal whining.

31 May 2016

Back in Paris, was raining today, the trains cancelled due to people on the tracks, over an hour late to meet our house manager, thankfully still there. Our apartment is wonderful.

30 May 2016

Nottingham castle today, Noah and Seb were not very impressed with Robin Hood hence no photo

29 May 2016

Conidbrough castle and Bolsover castle near York
Rievaulx Abbey, 11th century abbey that was destroyed by King Henry the 8th in the 15th century
Hemley Castle near York, 12thcentury

28 May 2016

Stayed at Newcastle today and then visited Chesters Roman Fort Noah got to be a Roman for a bit and then onto Aydens Castle 12 century.

27 May 2016

Edinburgh Castle today, the weather was poor with zero visibility but still worth it. Got a 60 pound parking ticket that I have disputed as I'm a silly tourist.

26 May 2016

When we arrived at Edinburgh it was raining and I refused to set up tent in the rain, we booked a Wig Wam (adult cubby hut) for $120 per night, Nate not happy but I am.
William Wallace monument
Blair Athol for lunch

25 May 2016

Down be the lake near our cottage in Letters Scotland, staying at the cottage for our last day, enjoying the weather, Noah played fetch with the dog up the road while Nate and Seb have gone for a half day hike.

24 May 2016

Birthday tea, very lovely, Seb ate a whole pizza by himself
Stopped by the road and had a rest, Seb learnt how to skip stones across the water while Noah filled the car with rocks
Ardvresk castle where we stopped for lunch
Bone caves near Inchnadamph great stroll with the kids, Seb fell in the water only once

23 May 2016

Knockan Crag, lovely walk up an old geological mountain where the old rock has been forced onto the new. The kids managed to walk to the top
View across the Loch our cottage is in their somewhere, the sun came out today, yay!!!

21 May 2016

Dunroben Castle, a beautiful example of a private residence. We went to the museum with many animals, the kids were confused as to why people killed them, hard to explain.
The Falls of Shin, very wet day again, located near invershin

20 May 2016

Ullapool and Letters, very lazy day today, walked down to the lake and Nate quickly headed back when he didn't like the look of a Rogue black ram

19 May 2016

I'm in love with this beautiful cottage, the views are wonderful and the birds that come to feed near the kitchen window are beautiful!! I'm home
Long drive today up to Inverness and then near Ullapool. Visited some lovely falls and then went to Urqhart castle couldn't find Lochness monster and nearly got blown away. Currently in the toilet waiting for Noah to finish, we are at Tesco doing the shopping before we head to our cottage up north, another 2 hour drive and it's already six pm

18 May 2016

Glascow today a very wet day

17 May 2016

Went to Carlisle Castle today and then onto Haidrians wall and played soccer, off to Glascoe

16 May 2016

Visited Chester today, we walked the Roman wall that circles the old city, walked along the river Dee, had lunch in the oldest house in Chester 600 years old and had to buy a doona as the night is soooo cold.

15 May 2016

Yesterday we visited Gloucester Cathedral, then onto black and Grey friers. Drove to Goodridge Castle, lovely castle, and then onto Whitley court a beautiful estate that was burnt down in 1930. Went to sorskay castle, a great example of what a castle would like complete. We stayed at Fron Farm and froze as it was so cold.

14 May 2016

Restormal Castle and Okehampton Castle today, another long drive to Gloucester, bed and television, I'm in heaven, Seb and Noah playing Pokemon cards

13 May 2016

St Ives today, the children swam in the sea, such a beautiful town, walked down to the village and then had some lovely icecream. Took the bus back up the hill we were all a bit sunburnt. Drove to Lands End it was very disappointing,Noah slept through the car alarm. Currently having a nice pub meal at Polmanter while Seb and Nathan discuss the day for tomorrow.

12 May 2016

Off to Saint Ives today, very long drive of 5hrs. Went to Portland today not a very nice place. Fog has set in and we cannot see a thing.
Avon Heath

11 May 2016

Last day at Winchester

10 May 2016

What a day, rained most of the day, went to Salisbury and then to Saron Castle and then Stone and Wood henge. Having hamburgers at the camp site on our trusty disposable barbecue

8 May 2016

Leaving our home in London, it was wonderful to be there. Now onto Folly Farm such a beautiful peaceful place. Glad to be back after over 10 years ago it hasn't really changed.

7 May 2016

Natural history museum, kids like loved exploring and touching everything, great place.
Trafalgar Square, kids got kicked off the lion as we weren't meant to be on there. Kids not too keen on the paintings at the national gallery
St. Pauls Cathedral, we walked all 520 steps to the top, the kids are exhausted.

6 May 2016

Westminster is my favourite church. The kids loved playing in the trees at White hall.
More of London, very, very tired today

5 May 2016

Harry Potter tour was awesome and oh so exhausting
Just the start of our Harry Potter experience

4 May 2016

More of the London bridge, kids didn't like the glass floor but Noah was jumping on it when he realised it was break proof. I've posted this a day late at our apartment in Kennington
Tower of London, what a beautiful day, we are all so happy to be here.
At Tower of London station the boys were very impressed with the steep escalators. What a day the station 100 meters from our apartment, enjoying a well earned coffee at the tower bridge.

3 May 2016

On our way