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Fors Family Moves to China!

5 June 2017

Beacuse when we go home, everyone asks "In China do they have *insert brand/restaurant name* ?" Here are a few restaurants and stores we've seen: H&M Forever 21 Hollister Walmart Domino's Pizza Pappa John's Burger King Benefit And so many more! A few stores just as popular in China as the states: McDonalds KFC Nike Adidas Pizza Hut 7/11
Hello! I'm Jocelyn. A little over 2 years ago, my family and I moved to Beijing, China (me, my brother, and my sister's birth country). This is a blog of what it's like living in China, our experiences, photos, and more!

4 April 2017

Long time no see guys! The Window of the World

1 April 2017

Shenzhen Weather

15 January 2016

Last Primary Chinese class

9 January 2016

Toby becomes a star

15 December 2015

Primary Chinese class goes to Qianmen and eats authentic Chinese food

13 November 2015


24 October 2015

Beijing Zoo

18 October 2015

Amazing Indian food

16 October 2015

The Duke of Edinburgh Award's trip

30 September 2015

The upper classmen at my school dress up for sports day
My school held a track event! I got first place in the 100 and 400 meter dash

17 September 2015

Wishing I lived in the dorms

7 September 2015

First day of school! In China, grades 6 and 10 start off the school year by participating in a military camp.

10 July 2015

Korean BBQ

4 July 2015

Making egg salad, brownies, burgers, and more for the 4th of July!

21 June 2015

Art Crawl, MOMA, Riding a Rickshaw/Tok Tok, and the Great Leap *Vivi you looked amazing!

20 June 2015

Mommy's Birthday!

18 June 2015

A stray dog followed my mom's students back to their dorm, but they weren't able to keep her on campus. They asked my mom to bring her home!

8 June 2015

Mom's first day of class

31 May 2015

Went to the Beijinger's International Food Festival at Galaxy SOHO Met new friends plus Jordan got free watermellon!

29 May 2015

Moved to XiErQi Found a chinese like "food court" with hand made dumplings and a wet market

1 May 2015

We finally arrived to Wudaokou, Beijing after a 13 hour plane ride from Pittsburgh to Guangzhou and a long train ride from Guangzhou to Beijing! This is our first meal in China with my mom's friend Lisa.

29 April 2015

The Fors family flies to Guangzhou, China! *We flew to Guangzhou beacuse of the strict animal quarantine laws in Beijing