Hong Kong S.A.R. · 22 Days · 39 Moments · June 2017

Trip 6 - Hong Kong

29 June 2017

For you Nina! What was in the women's bike basket. It's called purple mangosteen

24 June 2017

Lunch! 3.50 for curry and hotdog!

23 June 2017

Almost dying walking over the islands to get to beach !

22 June 2017

Eloisa's new floor tiles!

20 June 2017

Puppies for sale in the street
Burgers tonight at "Homys" . New local burger joint
Lots of Papayas growing in the village
Local hats
A sample of today's bites. Bitten all over by the smallest little black buggers
What Eloisa thinks of fishing
Take it easyyyy
This little thing found its way onto my arm somehow, flung it onto my bag!
Secure with my umbrella!
Not a very sunny day
Braving it in the rain to go fishing!

19 June 2017

Essential weapon
Dinner at Mr Yammy's. Milkshake was sweet yam and apple!

18 June 2017

Dinner out. This place does best beef and black bean!
Jack fruit grown locally. You cut the beast to get little yellows pods out. Tastes similar to pineapple but not as sweet

12 June 2017

Typhoons coming! !
New sunnies and a duck face!
Produce at the grocers
Sampling produce
Out and about locally, went to have lunch at cafe coral

11 June 2017

Practising to crawl and sit!
Found pineapples growing!
Trying some icecream
Elo trying out glasses
Lunch at Taihing with my brother James and his girlfriend Joanne
Trip on the bus

10 June 2017

Playing with papi

9 June 2017

After landing at Hong Kong, straight to our favourite Japanese all you can eat
Arrived in Hong Kong. Very tired as lost 13hours from flying from USA to Hong Kong so will get onto pictures tomorrow. For now Eat and Sleep!!
On our way to hong kong
Stop over at zurich waiting for flight to Hong Kong

7 June 2017

Heading back to JFK for our long journey to Hong Kong