6 Days · 50 Moments · June 2017

Trip 5 New York, USA

7 June 2017

Never a truer statement!
Enjoying Ajiaco at Bettys

6 June 2017

More fun
And more screenshots
Hoping the cameraman would point at us so we could get on the big screen. Sadly he didnt
Standing a bit closer
More screenshots
Donning our hats
Essentials for game watching
Getting ready for the game
The pitch
Yankee Stadium
For mum dad and tom!
What movie was this in?
Made it to the stadium!
Walking under train line towards stadium
Sanded area is where old stadium used to stand
On our way to Yankee Stadium
Yummy food at Gilligans
Lunch at Gilligans!

4 June 2017

All posts have up to 6 photographs on our pages, so make sure you scroll through to see them all. Feel free to comment!! Also its easier to follow our "profile" rather than our "pages" as you will see all posts to all pages that way, as we have photographs that others have taken plus i will add all videos once the app has upgraded to allow videos! Enjoy!

3 June 2017

Amazing food, drinks and people at Playa Cancun
Enjoying ourself at Playa Cancun
With Neka - muy contento
On our way to Nekas in Highland Falls

2 June 2017

Ready for bed after a long day
Cops in action!
Snack stop at Shake Snack, so yummy
911 memorial gardens - the water going down into the cube is very affecting. Cant imagine how it feels to locals
At 911 memorial gardens
Our boat, "Miss Freedom"
View from Liberty Island
Her Liberty
The many faces of Eloisa
Us and Liberty
Right in front of Liberty
Getting closer to Liberty
Few pics of the girl, ready with her tickets (her clenched fist says "lets do this")
On our way to liberty
The pieces of metal were salvaged from the twin towers wreckage. We are here to board ferry to liberty island. Here also used to be a train station with lines all over new york
Liberty State Park with a 9/11 memorial (beywwen the 2 walls frames where twin towers used to stand)

1 June 2017

Chinese in the American takeout boxes!
Upper manhatten, walking away from a dirty air bnb accomodation!
We are here!
Flying with Jetblue