Colombia · 3 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

Trip 1 Valledupar - Colombia

25 May 2017

At joaquins sister lilias home surrounded by mango trees (you never have to buy a mango in this city) Ps can you spot whats hiding in the trees?

24 May 2017

Around Valledupar, ate the most amazing empanadas
Rio guatapuri in valledupar. Popular for people to come swimming and jump off the bridge! Will post video of local kids jumping
Now one of my favourite breakfasts
We found papi and this awesome hammock at his sister Lilias

23 May 2017

Did you know that between 1821-1831 a state was formed called Gran Colombia which encompassed present day colombia, venezuela, ecuador, panama, northern peru, western guyana and northwest brazil. This state formed to create independence from Spain. Simon Bolivar was president who in these 10 years fought to give each country its individual independence by 1831. Bogota was the capital of Gran Colombia and is still capital of colombia today. Colombia is 3rd largest country after Brazil and Argentina

22 May 2017

On our way to see papi! With lots of milk, cuddles, laughing and sleep. We met 2 little boys called otto and bob who were very taken by elo and kept climbing over the top of their seats to come see her - little monkeys!