North America, Asia · 9 Days · 39 Moments · May 2017

Joann's journi to Japan

20 May 2017

We had some pineapple ice cream it was fabulous had a good time in the gift shop got lots of stuff we had Coco's for dinner it was D Lish know we had Coco's before that yes we had Coco's before we went to the choir am for dinner we had had some more rice in a bowl it was good and cheap that was when I farted in the restaurant because they kept making me laugh it was good times that was the night I didn't drink and Kim was all pissed off you're not you're really not gonna drink. She went down to the boardwalk kept trying to get me to come down there but I wasn't it was her happy happy place was when you were there worked there were not there!
Monday morning finally we got together it was about 11 drove to the aquarium with about an hour and a half drive I paid for the toll road was like eight bucks aquarium was actually actually like a little park was very hot the sun was out but it was nice to walk around great pictures got yelled at by gary for walking in front of one of his pictures oh well the aquarium was so extremely overcrowded and you couldn't even see move or do anything it was very hot as well. Cameron wanted to watch the dolphins but gary and Kim wanted to leave but I went back and I watch the dolphins with Cameron that the only thing he wanted to do I just kind of walked around I wanted to go to the village but no I wanted to pursue more but nope they had ice cream we got in the car went to pineapple par they just thought it was hilarious the little tour thing was not from the parking lot but they didn't want to do the tour I would have

17 May 2017

I've finally dont it. I've pissed her off and she didn't like it when I put on my head phones. She threw something on the bed and then grabbed a beer pulled the curtain and slammed the door. Are we twelve? Really a hissy fit. Interesting. I love it. So glad your night is ruined because you ruined my days
The bitch did it twice. She said what did we do before cell phones. Because today I was in my phone a lot on purpose. So was Cameron and Christian. It was awesome. She did admit that she's guilty too. She is addicted.
Walked to sunset beach by myself. It was awesome. She was of course smoking so I got my suit on and headed over. She had to go to bathroom so she said. She just was making excuses. I stayed for awhile told her to come down. Then I said I'll wait. Then I told her I left. Then I said at purple pool. Never once did she respond to me. Swam for awhile got cold so I ran up and got dressed. Not sitting in the room so I went to not purple pool. Of course the manager came about the bugs I think it's nothing. Was allbe to get more sun time. Saw the jets flying by.
So ready to go home. Would I do it again? Well I think I would say no. Love the experience of having traveled to Japan. Just not traveling with kim. I can't do it. She is just a stubborn bitch. Who can't be wrong or easy to compromise with.
That's not Italian flag. Yes it is. It's orange no it's red no it's not. I looks red to me. Goes over. Comes back says nothing. I went to look it's outside an Italian restaurant. I WIN BITCH
My last day here. I can really say I'm glad to go home. I'm taking a sleeping pill and knocking the fuck out. I don't have to Herat her clicking that phone.

16 May 2017

I did it. I called the butch out and I won. Wtg me. I felt so much better. She was arguing with me about saying goodbye to Cameron. I said no your saying see you later. No it's not the same. I said ok I'll just shut up. Silence for a little Then our food came and she was better. I WIN BITCH.
Finally go to bed. Felt good. Woke up just starving I can't find anything that opens before 11. Tell her I'm starving. We go to Hilton breakfast 35. Per person. So not worth it. Had orange something muffin. Loved it. Eges we're good too. Little mini waffles and French toast another favorite. Not a fuckin chance. Was Jennifer Aniston in were the millers.
Went back to room. Kim fell asleep I went outside to call mom. Wonderful I can talk to her. Kim texted me where are you. I wasn't a butch and said down at pool. Stayed for a little. Went to board walk to watch sunset. Stayed for hour. Don't think kim liked that. Oh well. She woke up because of the phone paper thing. She blows everything out of proportion. We went to boardwalk. Drinking. Got buzzed. I was posting on Facebook. I only do that when I'm drunk and with her. Stayed for quite a while. Kept going back for drinks and pee. It was fun laughed and cried because I called her a dork about her article. She really looks rediclius. She may think she's all that but not a fuckin chance. Who said that? I swear when I talk she doesn't listen. I said I have that exact color shirt glad I didn't wear it. Nothing. Notta. Zilch.
Back to hotel. Gary and Cameron come. Sit in hotel lobby he gets expresso. Give him shampoo. He didn't bring any? Strange. Of course kim needs to escape. She goes to smoke. I get my suit and head to pool. Lovely I know I'm getting sun. I acultually lay in lounge just getting burned. Kim comes we discover spots on foot. Good lord you think the world stopped. She leaves again back in pool. Comes back. She goes to room. Comes back. I'm in pool. I think she was pissed I stayed down there. What I was to sit in room and look at you? Cameron back we go have dinner. Gary paid. Was place with rice and noodles. No good with noodles. I kicked ass with rice and chopsticks. Back to hotel. Cameron drops us off says he will be back to spend time with her for Mother's Day. I went back to pool she smoked. Cameron back with beer and wine. Also bought us pop. He leaves. Didn't want to stay. Too tired.
Sunday Mother's Day. Kim all worried Cameron isn't up. Just botching about gary already. We were hungry walked around. Found drug store got yogurt. Banana cream puffs coffee croissant. Then ate ham egg cheese sandwich off the beach.
Are at curry place. Not a clue what I was eating. It was good. Different. Bread was ok just dry but I could have ordered with garlic. Went back to hotel bought what I thought was wine turned out to be sake terrible. Had to add Diet Coke to make it drinkable. Guess I should learn how to read. Oh well. Had couple glasses was ok no buzz. Kim fell sound asleep at 9. I actually was not tired. Stayed awake about hour. Slept good.
Nope never again this is my last trip with her. I don't even think I'll do Tennessee

15 May 2017

I try talking about things I was telling her stuff and she fucking turned music on her iPad.
This is my trip in a nut shell. Did you enjoy your trip? Why yes if you enjoy watching your friend on her phone at the hotel. Wtf

14 May 2017

Finally got in room took shower and waited for Cameron to come back. They can to room. Again no one knew what they wanted to do.
When we first arrived at hotel. Kim purchased two pops and paid 10 bucks for them reduclius.
Sitting g here by the pool while kim sleeps inside. Awesome view. So glad I can talk to my mom unlike Europe.
Why do I do this to myself. You are such a butch. You come to fucking Japan and don't want to leave the fucking hotel. But god forbid go anywhere or not check your phone every 5 fucking minutes. You really annoy the shit out of me. I don't think I will every travel with you again. You say fuck him about gary. I say fuck you for being such a bitch and spoiling my trip to Japan.
Sitting here in the boardwalk listening to a man play his guitar sounds really awesome just like in Rome
Here I sit in Okinawa Japan watching the sunset. Beautiful. My best moment so far being here.
Another mother was here with her airman son staying with his mom. Not a chance in hell Kim would allow that. She has no idea what she is missing phishing her smoking. Whatever. She asked what our plans were everything I already researched. All kim wants to do is go to the bx. You traveled 7500 miles to go there.
Arrived at hotel of course we can't check in it's 10 am check in is 3. Of course kim was all pissed off. Found the smoking area oh wait I found it. I got my rain jacket out of my suit case. She asked your really going to wear that. I snapped backNO IM GOING TO GET ALL WET I was so pissed. I even had my umbrella and took it. Waited for Cameron he came about 30 minutes later. Very strange like he was embarrassed she was here We went to American village once again no one can make up their mind where to eat. Went somewhere had a avacado and shrimp pizza. Awesome very cheesy. Walked around av went to arcade and spent 2 hours there. Playing ruekette bingo really kinda stupid. Had an ice cream it was awesome. Back to hotel. Still can't get in room kim is just livid. She goes to smoke and leaves me they call us she's not there oh well give her credit card. They offer us a drink I don't want one she get a been and of course bitches.
My blue toes for my Japan trip
Where is kim? Oh wait she would be sitting in the room
Can't get much better than this
Omg if you have foo restriction should you not learn them before you come "just saying" I have to stop making this suck for me and remember I'm in Japan. She completely fucked up breajfast. I told her where to go but would not listen got a map showed her nope let's go this way. Duck you I threw the fucking thing away. Only then when I said go this way did we find the fucking restaurant. Then had a complete hissy fit when her burger had mayo on it. Hello you need to find out what's in it before you order. Not get pissed off because you do t know what's on it.
Where did u go I texted her. Out Came back in. I can't believe you slept thru that storm. Just got on her phone. And so did I. Fuck her thi is my trip. She could however turn the fucking beep off.
Luggage took forever. But it finally made it. Kim didn't understand why it took so long. She never waits for me. Got outside it was pouring down rain. She went out to smoke. I was trying to find out the bus and it limo info to get to hotel. Kim decided to just take a taxi so we got the guy no English at all. Gave him my email that had the hotel name on it. Driving on wrong side so strange. It was raining but it didn't matter I was in Japan. Sights were not what I was expecting very strange and commercial.
I don't want to do tour. I don't like the zoo. I don't want to snorkel. Where did y go. out. M5 more Days

13 May 2017

We actually had to take a bus out to the runway and board the plane. Little different. Kim let me sit by window and she sat in middle. In the way home I will sit in middle. Happy happy joy joy. They served us ham and cheese bagel with fruit it was pretty good. By the time we were fed it was time to land. Yea!!!! Love that short flight. Wenland and Kim just gets so pissed odd because people don't respond to her. Hello your in Japan they don't speak English. We get off plane and go thru customers. Easy pessy. Got my stamp in the passport.
Slept again I think. It wasn't bad. Then came breakfast about 2 hours before we land. It was eggs sausage and broccoli. What. It was actually. Wet good. Watermelon and a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. Then the turbulence hit. It sucked. Had to pee again. They also has a crossbar with jelly it was good. They announce landing very soon. Can't believe it. I made it. Here I thought the hard part would be the plane ride turns out it's dealing with kim. Get off the plane and head for the custom transfer. It's so humid I start to sweat. Kim needs a cig so we try and find it. She can't but of course doesn't listen or read a map at all. We go to our gate and sit once again she told me I was wrong g with where we were. Fu. She goes off and I sit waiting. Saw the most beautiful husky dog. It was a service dog.
Made it they check I. Sat around for a little bit. Then went and sat at some really nice tables with individual computers that had feet for the holder. These two people were just chatting it up they were Americans. Promptly at 1 am they had us line up. I've never seen so many people get ready for one plane pretty amazing. I tried to get a window seat. Ecause I hate the middle one. It's just hard for a big person. The flight was actually over booked so no luck. Kim did say she would sit in the middle. So we start boarding the plane we are in row 67. We get headphone. Pillow and blanket.
Hello fucking help me. Is it me or amis kin just a fucking butch. I really need to stop botching about her. This is my trip damit. I need to calm down. You can never tell her she did something wrong or got forbid have your own opinion. She tells me I don't want to go scuba diving. She can't read directions. He just thinks she knows it all.

11 May 2017

Bitch wanted a isle seat and I have to sit in the middle. That fucking sucks. I hate sitting in the middle. Not a good place for a large person.
I smell like smoke and I don't like it. But soon that won't be a problem. Sorry to keep bitching about her. I will stop soon. I drive all the way in Canada. Likes going they the blue water bridge. Seamed out of the way we hit a lot of draffic heading north probably see us back hour. Drive wasn't too bad. Got here about 10. We went to eat. Got a grilled chicken pita really liked it. Little fries as well. It's sad that I'm not really excited yet. It will come soon
Started journey at 4 pm left my house drive to Toronto Canada. Took us 6 hours. She was almost on my last nerve already. And she really needs to stop saying fuck you. She really didn't do anything to prepare for this journey. Not even print directions to the airport. She also likes to text and drive. She probably looks at her phone every 15 minutes without a doubt. This will get really old.