United States of America · 15 Days · 25 Moments · March 2017

Joann's drive up the coast

17 March 2017

Probably about a 15 minute drive to Joshua's place of course on the second floor had my luggage but I got up there do you and Linda were there waiting for us wondering why it took so long whatever so then he had a one bedroom apartment they were's Joshua and Jonathan were sleeping in the living room Gene and Linda in the bedroom hello where is my where is my blowup bed I had purchased an air mattress because I didn't have anywhere to sleep it was only $40 I didn't care. And Joshua actually purchased sheets shocking. So I blew up the air mattress or sleeping in the same room with Jonathan and Joshua whatever I didn't care I had a bed myself. Friday night I'm in California tomorrow we're going to Napa
I push the little button and said I have been driving around your garage for 12 minutes trying to get out of here the woman said well you should've went to the exit I told her that it was fucking broke. I want to get out of here I was having another nervous breakdown. She said she would send somebody down I said you know what forget it I want to get out of here. So I proceeded to put my debit card in there and I paid the two dollars to get the fuck out of there. Put the GPS in with the address Joshua gave me and had me going back on the expressway I was in tears. I followed the GPS went to the Costco there is the car rental place S I XT. Waiting in the parking lot there's a truck ahead of me that was backing up I had to back up moved ahead I moved ahead backed up I had to back up I was so frustrated!!!!!!!!!! Finally I was able to drop the car off get my shit and get into Joshua's car that used to be grandma and grandpas
Drive drive drive all the way to San Francisco airport so follow the GPS I get to the airport but I follow the signs to the car rental return that was not where I had to go. So I don't know why but I turn into the long term parking I couldn't turn around so I had to pull the ticket OK I'll go to the exit the exit was closed it was under construction and a Spanish man told me to go he pointed at the parking garage so the guy in front of me and me went up to the garage kept driving around and around and around and around couldn't find her way out so we went back to the exit the guys yelling at me in Spanish I cannot understand him and he's pointing I yelled at him I don't understand you. Then this gentleman on the truck said come follow me so we followed him to the parking garage still can find the exit. So the guy that was following me we both I don't know how we found the exit. So I put the ticket in wouldn't work but the ticket in wouldn't work
So I proceeded south on Highway one to go to a bypass so I could take Highway 101 yeah I expected myself to go to Pebble Beach. So then I called Joshua and told him I wouldn't be there till probably 9 o'clock which was four hours away I was not expecting that to take that long. I really expected to go to Pebble Beach all in all I should've stayed another night and proceeded in the morning to go up to San Francisco but whatever it is what it is and I was making my way to San Francisco. So of course I was hungry again I did not want to go to a restaurant I knew nothing about and I city I knew nothing about so of course I went to a Taco Bell. So I ordered I don't know how to tackle is a Chalupa whatever and a pro beverlee took 20 minutes whatever I hate it I went back to the car
So I was in my car ready to go up Highway one and there was a sign to the right to go to the seals OK so I went so I made a stop at one of the scenic views and I was just out exploring the beauty nest and came across this woman on Olderlea lady with her daughter and the dog and I talk to her and asked how the dog was traveling and she said wonderful whatever and then she proceeded to ask me oh are you traveling alone and I said yes I am and I think it's the most amazing thing I've done I don't have to answer to anybody I can do whatever I want and I love every minute of it yeah I don't think she'll like that answer but you know what I don't really give a shit so go into your car all going to my car by myself and I will enjoy every minute of it.
So I went on the bus went up to the castle what an amazing experience it was absolutely beautiful and I really believe that this man had issues I walked around the entire tour the tour guide was a little strange because she kept touching everybody. But we went into the three different rooms she just kept talking and talking and talking and talking but then we are finally done. And we were able to walk the grounds it was just absolutely beautiful it was sunny it was warm it was breathtaking what an amazing experience 8 miles up into the hills in this lovely town I just loved every minute of it amazing so then I went and took the bus down back to the hill and I way I went. So then I had about 15 minutes to spare so I went to the food court and I had a pulled pork sandwich with fries loved every minute of it. So then I went and saw the movie about Williamhurst actually really amazing and I thought it was awesome I was so glad I went to see it. So then I went to the gift shop
So I proceeded my way up to Highway one to see the seals will what my GPS told me was wrong. So I proceeded to go to the Hearst castle so I found my way on highway one went in there per went into the place and I was able to get into the 1220 tour. So of course they want to take your pictures and he had to pull me out oh you're by yourself do you want a picture and I said no. So then I proceeded to sit by myself Buy these peoples. That was probably the only time I felt uncomfortable about being by myself but you know what I didn't give a shit by the time I was on the bus and with everybody else it didn't fucking matter
That I guess it was time to go to the hotel. So I packed up all of my belongings checked out with the hotel and proceeded to the city of Cambridge. I went to the most beautiful nursery place. It was beautiful you could buy plants you could buy anything you wanted for your garden I almost bought peacock thing. So I decided on the butterfly wall thing. So then I got back in the car and I went to the cookie factory where I got some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies for Cindy and myself. So then I decided to go find this other store which the place was closed I walk down the street it was just a beautiful town and I would love to be there at any time. So then I decided to get gas in pursuit of Highway one so I did and I found a place that had some cool touristy stuff and I only bought one thing for Kim.
I found a park bench so I sat there on it. I probably sat there for half hour 45 minutes just enjoying every minute of it because I had no care in the world and all I was doing was sitting there and looking at the ocean loving it absorbing it experiencing it
Oh I got to take a shit so I hardly back walked back to my hotel room went up the front steps oh I can feel something coming out oh no I was squeezing cheeks baby. Got to the room and I took a dump in my pants. So I had to get new underwear out and I rinsed out got wet my other my underwear and I continued my walk on the boardwalk to the left. So I went down walked so so far so many of people said hello to them whatever. I saw chance to go down to the beach so I walk down went to the beach picked up my moonstones found a long walk on the beach and I just sat there for probably a half hour looking out into theOcean it and loving every minute of it. Then I guess I had to leave so I went up to the stairs was there for a while just looking into the ocean and proceeded back to the hotel
So I finished breakfast and went out to the boardwalk walk down to the left walked I don't know how far south are many many many of people said hello good morning it was just an amazing experience the summer shining it was warm I was looking at the ocean who could ask for anything more.so I called mom and told her where I was took a selfie you sent it to everyone thought it was beautiful. Call Cindy I was sitting on a bench people with dogs walked by and said hello talk to work and told him what it amazing experience I was having.
So I woke up early the next morning at 7 AM wanted to get a good head start on my day. Got up showered went downstairs to the breakfast room there were two gentlemen in there that did not speak to each other had coffee I had a bagel had cinnamon toast had orange juice had a waffle sat there by myself looking out into the ocean amazing experience
So then I went up to my room of course had another drink empty my suitcase emptied my carry-on bag emptied my backpack. Just kept drinking loved it loved it loved it the view from my room was absolutely amazing something I will never forget. So I repacked everything and I put the backpack away everything else was just perfect I loved it I had a king size bed all to my self. It was amazing
I think Gene called me on my way home so I went to the pool at the hot tub damn it was good no one was there I just put my feet in there and just sat there I was the only one there loved every minute of it I was talking on the phone with Gene saying what I was doing I stayed there probably about a half hour.
So the sun is gone I sent some pictures to everybody everybody says what a beautiful scene. I go back up at to my room to change my clothes. I decide that you know what I'm going to dinner. So the receptionist gave me the place right next-door to the hotel that I could walk to which was good because I've been drinking and yeah I had a little buzz. So you know what I said table for one I sat there I am joyed myself I had a glass of wine crabcakes and asparagus three of my favorite things. I didn't care that I was there by myself. I loved every minute of it I had a pretty good buzz and I walked home
So I'm driving as fast as I can and as safe as I can and I finally get to Cambria California. I get to the hotel that I'm staying out will just castle in. I check in get to my room which is upstairs taking the first load go to the bathroom change my shoes and go down to the beach with a drink. I arrive just in time to see the sunset take about 50 pictures and just sit there and enjoy the beautiful scenery that I went 2500 miles to experience. It's the most incredible thing I've felt in a very long time just sitting there with peace and tranquility thank you this is what I needed.
So I'm driving on Highway one and a little Sutton I am in this Strawberry Fields don't even know what highway I'm on don't know where I am so I tell the GPS that I want to go to Highway one so it sends me going back to loss Angeles. I about lost it hello I'm trying to go up north to Highway one. So I finally get the GPS to tell me exactly where I needed to go and I ended up on highway one somehow I think I went 50 out 50 miles and probably almost 2 hours out of my way. So I finally realize where I'm going and I look at the time and I'm not gonna make it to the ocean for the sunset!
So way I go in the car I go to the left and I am feel so much better it's amazing so I wanted to go to the Santa Monica pier so I tried but OMG the traffic was just awful I did Nora I was going to park I was already stressed and I had to P so I just proceeded on highway one that's all I could do. So I found a gas station Peed thank you Jesus and I got some M&Ms because apparently I just love those things and proceeded up Highway one
So I see a Burger King hello let's stop so I pull into the parking lot. I call my mom and tell her yes I've arrived in California OK I'm get my car and I just need to take a break from everything. So I go to the bathroom and I order a chicken sandwich with fries whatever I did not read the top barn but I did eat all the fries whatever. So I just sat there for a little bit I really thought I put my Xanax in my pill bottle but I didn't. So I had to just relax where I was and that's what I did so I set my car for a little bit and just calmed myself down figured out where I wanted to go and proceeded from there
Couldn't find the keys couldn't find the GPS couldn't find my water OK whatever so I finally sit in the seat adjust the air adjust the mirrors adjust the seat still just struggling with everything so whatever so I go to the left to get out but straightahead it was an exit OK so I go to the left it won't let me out so I back up hello I had a sign. So I look in my rearview mirror and one of the car associates is looking at me wondering WTF. So I rolled on the window and say how do I get out of here. He says over to your right so over to the right ago I put my little card in nothing put my card in nothing put my card in finally lets me out the GPS is not working. So I turn to the right I've no idea where I am going. I can't even drive correctly I am just having a panic attack right in front of my eyes. I decided the first thing I recognize I'm going to stop I need to I'm going to have a meltdown or I'm going to hit something

5 March 2017

Burger King I stop. I need to relax. So get off the train and got my luggage which I really didn't need to check my luggage but I did whatever so I opted for the taxi didn't want to do the left or Uber so I'm sitting in the taxi and OMG it cost me 60 fucking dollars I was very extremely upset but what can I do I was screwed so I arrived at the Renaissance Hotel I was a little confused because it was a hotel another car rental place but I told the gentleman what I wanted and he escorted me to the rental car desk. So I had to go to the bathroom so I went left all my stuff at the counter so then she told me how to get to my car of course I went to the elevator I don't know why she had to tell me hello Miss go through the store so I went through the door. I hit the panic button to find out which car was mine so I had to find my GPS so I'm trying to find the GPS couldn't find the keys couldn't find my sunglasses.
Arrived at hotel to pick up car. Yes very strange. Fave me my keys then it all went to shit. Told me to go thru doors well I decided to take elevator. Got in garage push button and found the car. Put luggage in and can't find Layla. So I thought I left at home. Nope found her but can't find suction cup. Damn now can't find keys can't find sunglasses. Ugggg this just sucks take a breath start the car and off I go so I thought. I only see enter on the left another door so I try that nothing. Back up right into a plastic sign. Great things are gong wonderful. I see someone watching me probably thinks I'm an iodit. Roll the window down and yell how do I get out of here. He points to the right. Never saw it. Oh well. Ticket they gave me won't work and of course I put in backwards. Ok take a breath. Pull it and Layla doesn't work. I have no idea where I'm going. Then the shit happened I literally was having a melt down. Ok Joann calm down and let's stop and calm down. The first thing I see
Arrived in la at 920 went to get my luggage. Next time you don't have to check it. Got outside and wasn't sure what to do with the car. Soooooo I got the cab. I think he took the long route it also cost me $60 oh well nothing I can do. Yes I was really pissed that's what started my day.

3 March 2017

Hearst castle
Sitting here in a bench looking out into the ocean I can only feel peace no care in the world. This is so relaxing I don't have a carenin the world right now. Only peace