Italy · 2 Days · 15 Moments · July 2017

Joanne's voyage in Italy

2 July 2017

Goodbye Alberobella (beautiful trees)until we meet again

1 July 2017

The cathedral in Altamura ....legend says (and so does cousin Frank) that the King Federico hid treasures in the cathedral so if the walls should ever fall there would be money to rebuild.
Gelato , expressino , and expression fredo @ coffee ronchi. Dad O's favorite place wishing he was here with us!
Market in the morning with cousins Dominick, Rosa and Frank looking for souvenirs. Then off to Frank and Katie house for spaghetti with capers and fresh tomatoes, salad, steak, chicken cutlets. Finishing off with expresso amaretto cookies , padre Pepe and amaro.
Loving Italy and visiting with family, they r so good to us!! At the same time thinking of our special little girl at home. Next time not coming back without her because it's just not the same without her.
2 shots padre Pepe and 1 shot amaro
Family time with padre Pepe