Italy, Vatican · 9 Days · 34 Moments · July 2017

Joanne's voyage in Italy

10 July 2017

Statue of Perseus holding the head of medusa and the sword given to him from his father Neptune

9 July 2017

Spanish steps today

8 July 2017

Giordanno Bruno believed in an endless universe but his belief was not recognized until many years after his death
Piazza Venezia The monument of Vitoria Emanuelii
On the way to a new adventure

7 July 2017

Sacred Largo Argentino where Julius Ceasar was killed is today a Sanctuary for the cats of Rome
Walking around Rome, getting tired and helping each other
Pantheon built between 1118 and 1125 ...resting place of the King Vitoria Emanuel II , last King of Italy. Also the tomb of a famous Italian artist Raphael
Me amore and the carabinieri (police) in Rome
Piazza Navona ....Fontana Di fiuma (fountain of the rivers) and Basilica of Sant ' Agnes
Welcome to the city of Rome
Yesterday we had a Fabulous lunch with family in Bisceglie...and then passed by the ocean
Goodbye Altamura until we meet again. We will miss u as well as all our family and friends who have treated us like royalty! We can't wait till you all come to America! Moving on to the end of out adventure .....onwards to Rome thinking about those at home who need extra prayers.

5 July 2017

The city of Pompeii....
Putrefied bodies , public bath, house of the little fountain and house of the big fountain in Pompeii

4 July 2017

On our way to dinner in Positano and the kitty that wanted to come with us
Walking around Positano....
Breathtaking views from our window.....
Lunch in heaven.....Positiano

3 July 2017

Walking the streets of sorrento...gelato, shopping. just lots of fun on a beautiful night!!!
The Amalfi coast from the car......can't wait to get closer.....I am a lucky girl
Mount Vesuvius the destructor of the city of Pompeii
Possibly the appenini mountains ranging from northern to southern Italy
Going west to Sorrento (on the Amalfi coast)

2 July 2017

The boys
Biggest trullo structure in the area
Visiting church cosmo and domianno

1 July 2017

Old building of aristocratic family in Altamura
Dungeons in Altamura