Sri Lanka, Singapore · 8 Days · 66 Moments · August 2018

Geoff & Jo’s Journi to Sri Lanka

17 August 2018

Last leg home, a 5 hpur stopover at Singapore. And a little visit to LV store.... just looking thank you..;)
Ready for the awards night... Bollywood style

16 August 2018

Our stage debu as Bollywood dancers alongside Shermain crew, to an audience of 200... including front row seats occupied by Lisa curry and mark Latham and Sophie Formica
Final dinner, we dressed up in Hollywood theme, we danced onstage alongside spectacular dancers. Were entertained by magicians and tom them beat boxer, Chris the illusionist... and yes that is Mark Latham’s head in most of my shots as he was seated behind us at the table.
A little sight seeing is finished off with lovely meals on the verandah each day

14 August 2018

After an hour of checking out the local markets we hired a tuk tuk from the railway station to return us to the hotel.. peak hour...oh boy!!
Our tuk tuk trip around columbine... Betta tuk tuk convoy took to the streets of columbo like minis in the Italian job movie
Cultural venues, art gallery and theatre in Colombo
Take a tuk tuk or 200 around the streets of Colombo, betta style

13 August 2018

Arrived at Galle face hotel
Bridge built by the government to improve access for locals travelling by foot, river is dangerous
The roadhouse where the movie “Bridge over the river Kwai” was filmed, now only visited in peak rafting season
The beautiful falls of st Clair. The overnight rain provided for this spectacular display.

12 August 2018

Tea factory hotel
Our arrival at heritable tea factory, perched high up in the mountains
Our tour of tea factory glen lock manufacturer of tea. Tea picked and cut and dried onsite, sent to auction houses where Lipton and dilmah purchase for repackaged
Natalie spice gardens where we had a tour of gardens and local spice uses and a massage

11 August 2018

Bullock ride through the local village, followed by a boat ride across the lake to a local farm house where they gave us a taste of village life
Our elephant safari
Just a few snaps of our crazy rock climb. Built by ancient king, there are 3 different levels , making a climb of 200mtr vertical metre climb. Monkeys and wild dogs all around. It was 30 degrees and incredibly windy. 370 mtr s above sea level, 200 mtr s above the jungle, formed from Magna from extinct volcano
Our home for 2 nights at Anaya lake

10 August 2018

We visited 4 different ruins sites and the city museum. Monkeys were everywhere, so were the stray dogs. Our final stop was at the sitting, standing and lying meditating Buddha statues carved in stone
Driving through the country side on our day 2, way to Anaya lake hotel
Arrived in Negombo last night around 11pm, lovely clean hotel. Views from hotel. See the little car with 3 wheels. It’s a tuk tuk. Sri Lanka is an island 65,000 square kilometres slightly smaller in area to Tasmania. Sri Lanka population is 20 million (Population of Tasmania is only 515,000).