United States of America · 14 Days · 20 Moments · March 2017

Joanne's journi to Atlanta, GA, United Sta...

8 April 2017

Grand Canion On way fist when via the Hover Dam. Then whent through the world's largest Joshuwa Tree Forest. Joshuwa trees grow v slowly, best way to estimate their age is to count the arm amd multiplie by 10. They only flower every couple of years. Ranch has food and unlimited soda. Waggon trips at ranch included, horse rides not Departure 3:15pm

5 April 2017

New Orleans Beignets in the Cafe Beignet! Icing sugar everywhere!
Pastries in the little French bakery across from our hotel and trying on the masks of New Orleans

4 April 2017

Favourite thing about the US so far In Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans you can work into almost every pub on any night and there will be great live music on. Each of these Cities seemed to really live there music unlike anywhere else I've been. Also just witnessed my first ever tambourine solo as the local celebrity "Lady Tambourine" just made a surprise appearance in the New Orleans Bb King Blues Club!
Went for a boat ride around the Pearl River and swamps. Was a hot hot hot day but made the most of a chance to sunbathe as the boat had no cover. Saw lots of animals including alligators, wild pigs and the cutest little raccoon! We ended the ride with a chance to stroke a tiny grass snake!

2 April 2017

Gibson Memphis Factory Memphis factory specialises in curve top Guitars. ES models meaning Electric Spanish (semi hollow body), and hollow body electric guitars. Dovetail neck joints are custom chiseled by hand. Sunburst finishes are also done by spraying two colours and blending by hand. All solid body Gibsons are made in Nashville, however Memphis is the only factory that offers tours.

1 April 2017

Dropped the car off at Memphis Airport, was surprisingly easy, cars barcode was just scanned when we got it and was sorted. Got over 700miles out of it for around £25 of petrol.

31 March 2017

28 March 2017

We had stopped to buy a picnic just after leaving the DreamMore resort so we drove a few minutes to Chimney Tops picnic area. We did eat more than just twinkies!
Before checking in at the hotel we went for a good hike round the national park. Saw cataract falls, a lovely little waterfall.
Bye bye Dollywood and Pigeon Forge! Time for our next stop! Gatlinburg and the Smokies

27 March 2017

Poeple in Tennesee have all been lovely. In Dollywood a guy offered to pay for the tray we were buying just because the cashier didn't have change for our $100 bill.
Second day in Dollywood, went on 6 rollercoasters nearly within the first hour! Went on all the rollercoasters and a couple of other rides including a large pendulum swing :-o

26 March 2017

Got to The Dollywood Dreammore resort about 1.30 and immediately went to get some food! Lovely girl that served us told us her sister lives '1 hour out of London' - turns out it was Grantham! I had chicken wings with ranch dip. Delicious. Then it was time to drop our bags off at the room and head to Dollywood for our first day at the park! The weather was lovely and even better, there was hardly anyone at the park so we could just walk onto the rides - no queuing for us! We had special timesaver wristbands so we could skip the queues but only needed to use them once on the new ride (15 minute wait - ouch!) so we could walk straight through. Lightning Rod, the new wooden coaster, was ridiculously fast! All the rides were great and looking forward to going on them again tomorrow.
Longers quew all day was the 5minutes for cinamen bread. Joe UK L, (us M)
While at the park, we went to the Eagles of America show. Saw some amazing rescue birds, including the Bald Eagle.
4 hour drive from Atlanta to Pigeon Forge. We chose the scenic route, driving through the smoky mountains national park. It was so beautiful; at one point we drove high up into the mountains and we could see how they got their name. Big plumes of 'smoke' rolling over the hills and rising from the valleys. Beautiful.
First rollercoaster was an old Wooden Coaster, though this looked like a tame childrens ride to start. After the first turn through it was much faster than expected, not just a kidy's ride! My favourite Coaster was actually the other wooden rollercoaster HotrRod , which was the fastest in the park, held you in by your legs and had some big upward Gs.

25 March 2017

Picked up our huge car! Completely dwarfs what we're used to with our little fabia. I have named him Chuck. - Ford Fusion hybrid
Flight from London to Atlanta. Had a lovely chat with the flight attendants about our holiday and they gave us complimentary champagne and treats from first class!