Vietnam · 13 Days · 18 Moments · August 2017

Backpack in Vietnam hanoi-hue-hoi an-Saigon

11 September 2017

Day 13: Mekong delta tour and floating market

9 September 2017

Day 11: caodaism religion (establish in 1920s), combination of Buddhism, confuscious and daosim 5.5 million Vietnamese believers. 3 colors; blue, yellow, red: 30,000 followers in US, France, Australia and Cambodia Cu chi tunnel: 250 km long; 150 m2, 3 levels deep (3m, 6m, 12m under the water). Level 1: bunkers; level 2: special tunnel - bottleneck tunnel; original tunnel size: 60 cm * 40 cm, the bottleneck tunnel: 40 * 40; Vietnam communist army: comes from the north DMZ: south (controlled by US) and north (controlled by Ho Chi Minh) Ho Chi Minh trail: Vietnam communist army walked the trail from the north to reach the south (hanoi-Cambodia-laos-cuchi); 17000 Vietnamese common armies stayed in the tunnel for 5 years (60-40 male female ratio) 12000 died, 3000 MiA, 2000 survived

7 September 2017

Day 10: cycled to an bang beach

6 September 2017

Day 9: Myc Son tour - Cham pa people 7-10 century Linga (male) yori (female) Met Dave and Sacha from Florida Walked around hoi an old town

5 September 2017

Day 8: hoi an - snorkeling tour to Cham island

4 September 2017

Day 7: easy rider trip from Hue to hoi an Pass by: tam Giang lagoon, the elephant spring, seaside, ma po cave Lantern Festival in hoi an

3 September 2017

Day 6: dmz tour (catholic fighting the communist, south vs north) Rock pile: where the US troops set up their radio station Dekong bridge, bien dong river Khe sanh military base, Ta Con military base Vinh moc tunnel: ventilation tunnel; 3 levels within the tunnel, 13 entrances, level 1: 11 m deep; level 2: 15 m; level 3: 23 m deep; total length: 1044 meters. 17 babies were born in this tunnel in the period of 6 years hiding time

2 September 2017

Day 5: Rented a bike and cycled around Hue Most congested traffic jam I have ever been... fully geared up bcoz of the exhausts from millions of scooters Visited the Hue royal palace, temple by sunset

1 September 2017

Day 4: going back to hanoi from the castaway island, night train to hue

31 August 2017

Day 2 of castaway: cruise, kayak and swimming in the lagoon

30 August 2017

Rule on the island: every time when someone says ten or mine - 10 push-ups Rock climbing, tubing, kayaking At night, enjoying the stars by the beach of halong bay
1 hr ferry to our destination island
Castaway halong bay 3 days 2 nights Departing from hanoi, 3 hrs bus - 1 hr boat - 1 hr bus - ferry at catba - 1 hr ferry

29 August 2017

Party at the hostel (downtown backpacker's hostel)
Dried beef salad by the street
1.5 million worth of tokens for the drinks during the castaway island trip
Egg coffee by the hoan kiem river
Day 1 arrived in hanoi from Guangzhou, visa application prearranged, paid 24 euro visa fee Grabbed uber from airport to hostel (235000 dong ~8 euro), 40 min Stayed at hanoi backpacker hostel (red bull head), very clean, a lot of western backpackers Walk around to check out Ngoc son temple and hoan kiem lake Had a cup of super yummie egg coffee (23000 dong) at cafe dinh (recommended by hostel volunteer), on top of a bag store