Philippines · 3 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

To the City of Pines "Baguio" 3D/2N

8 April 2017

I just resigned from my job and plan to go back to Davao but before that I want to experience what is really in Baguio the Summer capital of the Philippines. Ma friends have still their duties so I decided to go solo again. I want to take the opportunity that I am here in Luzon where Baguio is just a Bus away 😅 (6hours riding a Victory Liner bus with 450 as fare and 4 hours if Victory Express for a fare of 750)

6 April 2017

Baguio Night Market is a bit famous. It is a must-have experienced while you are in Baguio. Haggling with the Ukay2x vendors, eat street foods while enjoying the breeze of cold night wind.
Baguio Museum
Arko in Apo Gallery by Ben Hur
Tam Awan Village
Diplomat Hotel- Dominican
Lourdes Grotto
Botanical Garden - Meet Lolo's and Lola's Ifugao
Wright Park Experience horse back riding which I really enjoyed. Picture taking with the horse and dog named Junior who stole my 1st Kiss. He is adorable but his kinda big which I suppose bigger than me.
Baguio Cathedral

5 April 2017

Burnham Park
Bell Church
Baguio Village Inn - I've known this place through other blogs. It is recommended for some who has tight budget. I check in here and get a transient room for 400/night/head though the bathroom is common it's not a problem with me. They also have rooms with own bathroom costing just Php1,200 good for 2pax. If you just need a place to sleep you might check this one.They also serve meals and coffee.