Czech Republic · 3 Days · 12 Moments · June 2015

JL's trip to Czech Republic

9 June 2015

Prague Havla Airport Terminal 2 Trip to Prague has officially ended. Though we love them so much, we have to say goodbye to great cuisine and the endearing old town. I loved the Old Czech Tradition Twister (I'm not sure about the exact name). The sausage was good but not enough for me to crave for it forever.

8 June 2015

Charles Bridge at night Prague is even more beautiful at night!
We got lost on our way to the Karlstejn Castle. This is the view we ended up with. We had to walk almost 6 kilometers just to go back to the train station.
Brunch at The Farm! Specialty restaurant that serves brunch. Value for money? - 5/5!

7 June 2015

We had a dinner at the Imperial last night - suggested by our Airbnb host. Its just beside Namesti Republicky. It is not the cheapest place but definitely worth all the penny.
Cathedral at the Castle Town.
Lesser Town Sandeman's Castle Tour (11 Euros) by Tijo Second tour for the day
Don Giovanni Monument at the Estates Theater. This is in front the theater where Mozart used to play.
Oldest Working Astronomical Clock in the world.
Sandeman's Prague Tour (Free) by Tijo What to do in Czech? 1. Clock Tower Show 2. Charles Bridge 3. Prague Tower 90% of the Tower is closed for the public. 4. Drink beer - If you dont know what to do within the day, drink beer!
Everything in Czech Republic is a lot cheaper than everything in Switzerland! For example Burger King Meal costs: Switzerland - 12 CHF Czech Republic - less than 5 CHF

6 June 2015

Bus ride from Bern, Switzerland to Prague. This photo was taken in one of the stops in Austria! :) The bus has a wifi (only available in Czech Republic), unlimited coffee, very nice stewardess and on-board entertainment like movies, TV series and of course games! While on a cruise, I keep on arguing with myself if taking the bus, spending 12 hours is worth the saving we had. Here are some pros! -Airplanes are too expensive, especially with the check in baggage. -One night's accommodation is free! -We get to see the view of the country side. -We get to set foot on other countries as well. It might sound trivial but it gives you a weird happy feeling anyway.