Netherlands · 3 Days · 12 Moments · June 2015

JL's odyssey through Netherlands

12 June 2015

Today, we are leaving Amsterdam for Brussels! Hope it'll be even much better!

11 June 2015

Wooden Shoe Factory in Marken
The little island of Marken can be reached either by boat from Volendam or by land from Amsterdam. It used to be a fishing village always devastated by flood, so they built a ring dike around it. That city is below the sea level! This has a very cool and chill ambiance. I loved it.
I loved the small city of Volendam. They have the Cheese Factory. We were given a brief presentation on cheeses and how to make them. The Dutch really love cheese! Perhaps, that's the reason why they are so tall! Free cheese tasting in the end. It was the best part!
We then took the City Tour to the famous Dutch Windmills. The original windmills are almost gone, but they still have a place where they are still working and being used to grind the peanuts to get peanut oil.

10 June 2015

Before snooping around the city's infamous red light district, we did go the Sex Museum. There's nothing much to see. You'll be fine without it.
Anne Frank House It was the most genuine museum I've been to. They retold the story through a house. I'm planning to get the book and read it! Before leaving, I left a note at the house! "Anne Frank just intended to write a diary. What she ended up with is a powerful literary piece, an instrument that could make the world value the freedom that we have today."
We took the Sandeman's Tour again! Lars discussed the Dutch expedition and how the country had been a major player in global trading.

9 June 2015

Photos with the Amsterdam Canal! They are so beautiful!
Infamous Amsterdam chocolates. No explanation necessary
First Amsterdam meal in the Pancake corner where we had unlimited ribs for only 12 euros! Aside from the humongous serving, the best thing is the beautiful Amelia who attended to us.
Accommodation - Hotel Inner was located just near the city's main attractions like the Van Gohh and the National Museums. We are on our way to the first attraction - the Leidseplein Square