United States of America · 127 Days · 23 Moments · June 2016

The little Trailer heads East to Tennessee

4 November 2016

Uh oh!

3 November 2016

1 November 2016

31 October 2016

Good morning Nashville! The view this morning out our back window.

29 October 2016

This group called themselves The Fifty-fivers in the early 1980. Tomorrow we head further east even though we had to leave behind several places for another trip.
Up early to try to fit in everything. First a stop to see the biggest Bass Pro Shop in the shape of a pyramid and ride the worlds tallest elevator at 300 ft. Great view of the river and Memphis. Next we strolled down to Beale Street to take in the place where rock and roll really got its start. Quick lunch at BB Kings Club and the best peach cobbler ever! Then we toured Sun Records museum and got the lowdown on Elvis, Jerry Lee and Johnny; and remembered how great they were. A short drive down Union St took us by Pop's old school Southern College which was almost across the street from the LtGen Bedford Forrest's statue in the park named after him. Got a couple of good pictures. Snuck in a little education on a riverboat. Mississippi is the fourth longest river in the world and was affected by the 1865 5.0 earthquake which occurred in nearby Memphis. Day ended much as it began with a stop at the pyramid for a bite of supper.
250 miles later we cross the Mississippi River into Memphis and find another KOA and a great person to check us in and give us great hints on things to see. Just hope we have enough time to see and do most of what we plan.

28 October 2016

Heading out toward Jackson and then north to. Tennessee.

27 October 2016

To end a full day we ate at the No 1 recommended restaurant in Vicksburg - Rusty's Waterfront Grill. It deserved the rating. Only time we forgot to take a picture. Go and take one for us! You know when you are greeted with a pie selection like theirs; it is going to be great. We ended the evening looking at the Muddy Mississippi and taking one more cannon shot. Best day ever!
On the way back we stopped at the historic Warren Co Courthouse. This really awe inspiring building build in 1858 was turned into a museum which gives a good overview of that time period. Quick view of munitions and of the either famous (Gen Forrest and President Jeff Davis) or the local (from Mississippi) gives an interesting view of what life was like then.
Today we went to Vicksburg National Park which gives the best description of what happened during the Battle of Vicksburg and how that became the beginning of the end to the Civil War. I think Josh would totally appreciate the descriptions of the War and how the battle played out and why. Terrible event in our country's history, but one we should not forget. Would recommend a full day for visits to the park and national cemetery where 17,000 Union soldiers are buried with a side trip to historic Vicksburg on the river. One of these pictures Josh can appreciate. The picture shows a cannon ball which explodes and acts like a shotgun shell rather than a bullet.

26 October 2016

Park Resort. The manager was Cajun speaking and kept a parrot in the office. Will be sure to add a picture tomorrow. The price was definitely right. Wonder what percent of people in the south and west live in RV parks full time? Cooked a quick supper on the grill and drove around Vicksburg to get a feel for where we want to go tomorrow. Lots of interesting looking places. Hope we get to all of them.
Another long day driving. Massive accident on I-20 involving a semi and two cars. We left the highway and saw some of rural America. In contrast with west Texas and further west we decided the houses looked neater but the small towns were just as empty. Larger small towns still looked like good places to live. The restaurants and gas stations seemed to be the first to close while the food stores fared better.
A lot of water heading toward the gulf. We stopped at the Magnolia RV
Crossing the Mississippi.
Yesterday was 305 miles to Rusk KOA Tom was glad to see the camp. Today should be shorter to Vicksberg MO.

25 October 2016

Not a lot of selection for food in Rust, Texas. The people were nice and food dependable.
Driving through the piney woods of East Texas. Found our Sprint would let us down. Fortunately Pop has his trusty paper map.
Cadence just got the word he is not going to go to Tennessee. Wait till he finds out he gets to stay with the cousins. He will do his happy dance again!!

30 June 2016

He will do his happy dance.