North America, South America · 3 Days · 4 Moments · April 2017

Jim and Susan Go to Peru

22 April 2017

Just came back from a fantastic tour of the city... Lima is a bustling, sprawling place with over 11 million people... more than a third of the total number of people in the entire country of Peru. The tour included a Franciscan church with underground crypts, beautiful parks, fountains, a small art museum, ancient burial sites, antique olive trees, and the Plaza Mayor. We also got to see people parasailing from next to the Parque de Amor on the coast... something we tried to see yesterday but couldn't because of the lack of wind. The park itself is charming with tiled walls and an enormous statue of two lovers. The artist' initials are engraved on the pocket of the man... Jim got that... Susan thought it meant something else... his name is Victor Delfin... If we can ever get the photos loaded you may be able to see... 🙃
This morning we explored more around Mira Flores. Susan asked directions like a native...sort of... maybe a native who had been raised by wolves and had a poor grasp of the language, but all in Spanish. We went through town to an archeological dig that appeared to an enormous collection of clay bricks. We had limited time so didn't find out much...will have to google that to know what it is. The neighborhood seemed very nice though so we stopped at a cafe for lunch. We met a couple from the neighborhood: an Irish man and Peruvian woman who know Boston...they visit often they said on their way to see their daughter who graduates this year from Dartmouth. We detoured briefly on the way to the church of the Miraculous Virgin and Kennedy Park... now off to Lima proper for a history tour...

21 April 2017

We are here in Lima and completely on vacation. This makes it difficult to get our heads around figuring out even minor technology issues. So far, we have wandered extensively around a part of Lima called Mira Flores... a nicely-kept section of of the city that some say is geared toward tourists. I don't doubt this is true. It is exceptionally clean and well-policed with stunningly beautiful parks that run along the coast, but high in the hills. You can see surfers far below riding big waves while enjoying the flowers left over from summer rains. The weather is very warm and sunny with pleasant breezes particularly along the shore side. People come out more as the day goes on until at night the streets pulse with people heading to and from work and out on the town to hit the casinos and the many excellent restaurants. Cosmopolitan and large, the city seems to off endless possibilities. Today we head out to explore more in the city center...and to get photos we can actually post!

20 April 2017

At the airport... 😎