Europe, Asia · 27 Days · 45 Moments · May 2017

Jim and Sue's fjord, highlands and Baltic Adv

10 June 2017

Flights home were all good except for huge cluster $@"/ in Reykjavik. Very small space to assemble people to board 6 flights at once. Efficient though. End of story. Til next time. 😎
Last day. Goin' home. Via Iceland just to lay down a complication.

9 June 2017

Last day in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens- very good choice.

8 June 2017

21,000 steps in Warnemunde, Germany, a nice beach town and also a gateway to Berlin.

7 June 2017

Sea day.
Great sunny 2 days in Stockholm, the jewel of the Baltic. Was there for a national holiday. The King came out of his castle, saw his shadow, and declared there will be 6 more weeks of summer! Went to Vasa Museum, old town, museum of modern art and the great photography museum. Walked a lot.

4 June 2017

It's almost wet head o'clock.
A fine day in Helsinki Finland. What a clean and inviting neoclassical city.

3 June 2017

Tour ends in a cheap tourist joint!
Helped to eventually spark a revolution- the Catherine's summer home!
No. 1 ballroom in all of Russia

2 June 2017

St. Petersburg, Russia: home of the world's no. 1 bad boy. We saw the Hermitage or Winter Palace of the tsars, church of the savior on spilled blood, Peterhof palace and garden- the summerhouse. Also Peter and Paul Fortress, and Catherine Palace in Pushkin.

1 June 2017

Beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. Hanseatic city founded in 13th century. Medieval spirit.

30 May 2017

In Kiel Germany. Got bombed worse than Dresden due to ship construction incl subs.

29 May 2017

Back in Copenhagen for the day for the start of the Baltic cruise. Thanks cruise director: you might have mentioned all museums are closed Monday.

28 May 2017

First sea day: stretch class in gym, coffee in library, talk on metabolism, Captain's brunch, movie about Noma ( world's no. 1 restaurant that is in Copenhagen), wine, nice dinner and movie in room.

27 May 2017

Nice area of England. Passed on city centre of Newcastle. Brewery has moved anyway. Walked to Tynemouth, a nice beach town. Not a sunburn in sight. Had a tea and scone at a seaside tea shop.

26 May 2017

Met Sue's brother Jim and his wife Wendy in Edinburgh where we walked, drank a pint, and toured their main art gallery. Saw the castle from a distance. Anne was in res in the British royal pile of bricks.
A fine warm and sunny day in Edinburgh

25 May 2017

Beautiful day in Invergordon to tour the highlands and Dornoch.

24 May 2017

Isle of Skye

23 May 2017

More Shetland shots
Lerwick, Shetland. Walked a lot and saw Shetland ponies, had a dram as a trade for wifi.

22 May 2017

Beautiful and large city- Bergen. Walked up and down the route of the funicular.

21 May 2017

Kayak day in Flam on the Aurlansfjord
What the northern lights would look like- if we saw them.

20 May 2017

Fjord nation.
Street art in Stavanger

19 May 2017

Kristiansand, Looking like Canada

18 May 2017

Calling Bjull Shjjhiti on the "Oslo Fjord". Better termed a bay.
How you doing, sjit head?
Our ship at dock.
Opera House. Can't stand there in winter. The law!
Fort circa 1233 Oslo, Norway

17 May 2017

Transfer to the ship day

16 May 2017

Let's have a race with the Touristfart Bus.
The real Thinker by Rodin lives here.

15 May 2017

A rare local bus that runs on natural gas...take that, Tesla.
Iconic photo. When I was in Europe in 1970 my mom wanted a picture of this. Didn't get there til now. Bit late but here it is.
Made in Ohio- raised everywhere.
Today is a bike riding day. Will cover lots of ground from Nyhavn to Christianshavn to Freetown Christina to Paper Island to the Little Mermaid and get lost a few times.
We have a jigsaw of this street.

14 May 2017

Chillaxin' at our Airbnb Copenhagen digs.
This marks the start of a long cruise. So sit back and see a few pics from each stop.