China · 1 Days · 2 Moments · September 2016

Siyan Wu

Jim & Siyan's DaTong Great Wall Hiking

27 September 2016

Last night I worked till 9:30 pm and got home at 10:20pm. Very late and tired. This morning took Marc for vaccination and late for work. Everyday crazily busy like this, but I'm still very happy. It's wonderful to love and be loved. And my Jim is such an amazing man. I'm so lucky. Can't wait to start our hiking. When there is no one else but he and me hiking and camping in the beautiful wildness, isn't it the most romantic thing in the world? I love watching him walking in front of me, guiding my way, stopping to wait for me, turning back to smile to me....

26 September 2016

We are preparing the food for our hiking. Jim is so sweet.