North America, Asia · 18 Days · 46 Moments · May 2016

Jim & Diane's voyage in Thailand

19 May 2016

Diane and I truly enjoyed Thailand, with its diverse ethnic heritage and traditions. This place is truly an exotic oriental kingdom. It is unique with its multitude of smells and sounds and above all the hospitality of its ever friendly people, who always greeted us with smiles. At home I do not usually eat this type of food, but enjoyed every meal here. I did eat a more traditional breakfast, I can't do fish and rice before noon. It has been a wonderful journey!

18 May 2016

Cookies don't you want some in Bangkok airport. Now a quick 3.5 hour flight to Taipei and then a little 10 hour flight will get us back in SF I will give a quick recap when we return

17 May 2016

Another fantastic day in Bangkok. This city blows me away! I cant get over the modern hip / sophistication and yet there is a simpleness along with the old fashion culture that is still everywhere

16 May 2016

One last hike! This morning we tried to get to the top of the limes stone but this ladder scared us off. We made it to this view and that was it. The climb was tough for me and really challenged Diane but she did great. Most of the climbers here have all the gear we were just weekend warriors! We have hiked all over this island, very fun for us

15 May 2016

There is a rumor going around that after a bottle of New Zealand's finest sauvignon blanc I auditioned for Naked an Afraid last night I am taking the 5th on this one
We leave Railay tomorrow! This has been a great journi for Diane and I. We have been non stop on the go every day! It is hard to keep up on the blog we have had so many pictures and experiences, We will try one last hike in the morning and fly to Bangkok
Diane agreed to hike over the ridge to a little town called Tonsai lots of young people backpacking and rock climbing it was like a trip back to the late 60's early 70's. It was not an easy hike. The trail was muddy and slippery from rains last night. If you fall off one of these cliffs you better be able to fly! There were many quotes and expressions painted on the walls

14 May 2016

We have eaten food from everywhere imaginable, This guy had a gas leak in his boat so we decided to pass on his food.Swam out to this little island with Diane today.
I think Diane made a connection with Eywa
The people here do a lot of praying. This is a temple we stumbled on during a beach walk. Prahnang is the goddess of love worshipped by the fisherman, to help protect them at sea. Check out this little temple in a cave on the beach
Diane has been pretty tough but there are times I need a bro or kp/ Logan, She was not going to climb this one! 500 vertical feet almost straight up. It had ropes the whole way up. No base-jumping or parasailing allowed from top

13 May 2016

Our room is literally in the jungle. The beach here is one of the most amazing I have ever seen, it is surrounded by huge limestone cliffs and thick jungle These monkeys are wild, but will swing out of trees and steal your food
We took a boat today to Railay it's called an island because you can only get to it by boat The massive limestone cliffs block any access except by boat. here are a few boats of Thailand

12 May 2016

Our last dinner was a seafood buffet with lobster tiger shrimp etc. I noticed a salad that said German Potato Salad It was a clone of Grandma Sally's Salad right down to the eggs celery mayo mmmm good I do miss that salad
Today was our last day at the Amari! We were going to go on four island tour today but I used my veto power and opted for the three hour massage / stretch We also wished we would have done the three hour hike in the jungle but the beach was so nice

11 May 2016

Took a taxi 25 miles to the middle of no where! Had a fantastic dinner on the ocean somewhere, now need to find a way home
Ok I had to throw this one in there! These ladies/ ? Want share your bathroom. This is not a political statement
We ditched our tour and hired this guy to take us back by water . we avoided a one hour winding road for a half hour boat ride. We ate a a local food stop that was very good ( I will know tomorrow) great day but I am beat I am pretty sure I paddle the most
Today we went on a kayak tour with a group of ten people! Our guide asked me if we wanted to break off from the tour and go up the mangrove? Of course we do. We went through the most amazing jungle. We had to wait for high tide to get out of the shallow water total trip was 4 hours but well worth it This place looked like the floating mountains of Pandora

10 May 2016

I went out to film the sunset and it rained about 2 inches in 30 minutes and then it was gorgeous
We arrived in the dark last night and woke up to this. The jungle meets the ocean

9 May 2016

Ok I had to scrub the elephants also. They made me do the top side. this girl loved the harder I could scrub. We got around Chiang Mai on this tuk tuk . Hold on and close your eyes. A good massage and we are off to Krabi for some beach time

8 May 2016

So on Mother's Day you do what mamma wants to do Sunday night market Diane is in her zone buying for Michelle and Alyssa sorry boys I don't shop, but I had a beer for both of you. We leave chaing Mai tomorrow, a few more days woul be nice here but 104 degrees today and right now at 11 pm 96
Today we spent the day in the country with a Lana family on their farm. There are three generations that live here, a total of 18 people They farm rice and grow about every herb you and root you can think of. After a tour of the homes an the farm we were gong to cook them dinner
We cooked pad Thai Tom yum soup, eggplant stir fry and coconut banana desert the girls helped a lot. They said we did well but they would make it more spicy it was incredible
Grandma makes homemade cigarettes by rolling tobacco in cooked banana leaves Pat the owner told us about the opium crops when he was younger. They have an herb or root for every ailment. I passed on the tobacco and opium

7 May 2016

The day was amazing so many things we did and learned about this culture. The day was very hot so Diane washed the elephants in the river. They loved it
The elephant is the symbol of Thailand. They were used for fighting wars and heavy labor such as logging. In Chiangmai there are still about 2000 wild elephants
So we are suppose to work with these elephants all day. Really ! I had mama and her baby. Baby was very playful it took me a while to get her to listen
Today we visit the Elephant nature park This place rehabs elephants and rescues them from hard labor camps and circus. this girl is 29 years old brought in and shackled from a circus. she had her first baby 7 months ago
On yesterday's bike ride we rode to an active Lepor colony I thought the disease was extinct. While these people are rehabbing they make products to help pay for their treatments No free handouts in Thailand everyone is productive

6 May 2016

So we picked today to go on a 35 kilometer ride in the outskirts of Chiangmai . Hot and humid but an incredible way to see how the majority of the people live when not in the heart of the city We stopped and ate some Tom yum at a local spot
We rode by a fish farm
Kevin here is the chevron station
Doi Suthep temple was built on the mountain above Chiangmai in the 13 th century The elephants would haul the materials up the mountain We hiked up 1100 stairs to see it
Yesterday we flew to Chiangmai the oldest city in Thailand Its located in northern Thailand Our hotel is in a little neighborhood in old town it's very cool

5 May 2016

Sky bar looking down at 13 million people in Bangkok This city is like ten times San Francisco very metropolitan from up here

4 May 2016

Street food and alleys al day today 100 degrees no Ac these people are studs , I am whimp
I can't find the right words to describe Bangkok traffic! It would be like bay bridge commute traffic times ten,but traveling at 80 mph! The scooters are calculated insanity It does not stop for anything
Not Starbucks
Of course Diane had to go to the locals open market.most homes and apartments in Thailand have no refrigerators or kitchens everyone eats on the streets

3 May 2016

Tajma is a local women who has been a friend and guide while in Bangkok. She is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge Diane is going to leave me and stay here with her I was very interested in the scaffold around this temple
Many temples of worship in Thailand a lot of praying going on! Incredible workmanship on these buildings It is good to be king

2 May 2016

Finally made it to our Hotel and then walked down a few side roads and found this little spa We both had an amazing Thai massage
8000 miles and 16 hours to get one of Bangkok's finest Mojitos
When we crossed the date line I decided I could eat three more meals (justification)