United Kingdom · 3 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017

Exploring Portmeirion

10 July 2017

8 July 2017

Last wander around before leaving at 4.45. What a lovely day. Quicker drive home. Had a giggle at the sat nav lady pronounce all the welsh places 😂 so funny. Got home just before 7pm and still sunny! 😎
It really does feel like you are temporarily transported to the Italian Riviera 💙
Not sure why this Buddha is here .. but he has lots of coins in his lap.
Afternoon tea stop
So much colour ..
Very Italian in style ...
Central area with the fountains and pond - anyone for chess?
Had to share my lunch. He was very forward! 😳
Coastal walk along to the lighthouse and beach
Weather looking like it could go either way ... hoping for a bit more blue sky!
Picked up a map from the kiosk and decided to head for the coastal walk first. The walk takes you past the Port Meirion Hotel. They were setting up for a wedding but happy for me to have a wander through the rooms ... normally their tables are busy with people eating.
Saturday 8th July Couldn't decide where to explore but as the weather was forecast as sunny for the whole of the UK I knew I wanted a big day out. Suffering from post holiday blues I decided that Portmeirion would be the ideal place to transport me to foreign lands albeit just for the day ... The drive took nearly 2.5 hours. Not that it's that far in miles but the road is a very scenic, twisty A road the majority of the way. Gorgeous scenery passes you by but if you get behind a dreaded caravan you're stuck 😫 which I did! Around half way through the journey i passed Bala Lake on my left. It's just beautiful. If I hadn't left home later than planned I'd have had a coffee stop and taken a photo in one of the many lay-bys along the length of it. Arrived at Portmeirion at 11.15 and the weather is quite cloudy but very warm. Car park nearly empty which surprised me. Hope it's open! 😯 Loo and coffee stop priority 😛☕️