Canada, Costa Rica · 19 Days · 40 Moments · February 2018

Jill's voyage in Costa Rica

13 March 2018

Heading home...last shots of hotel and flowers around. Like the trumpet flower... they weren’t there yesterday! Adventure Inn was a good find - pool, free breakfast, free long distance home and comfortable rooms with reasonable price! Food was weak point - just ok!! Ride to airport was full,east jet late, airport very very expensive - bought three chocolate bars - $28 what!! Coffee and two small waters - $14, sandwich, 2 bananas, 1 cookie - $20+ Out of time, out of cash!

12 March 2018

Central market San Jose! Live chicken in door way! Great latte - CR has really good coffee, had ceviche one last time, Jer had squid. Had a pineapple cake for fun!! Very interesting ! Then we came home and hung at pool and read and relaxed!! What a great holiday! SAN Jose makes me so happy we live in the best place In the world!! Photos are the fish pool at hotel, the dining room, the open area of hotel, a shop downtown SJ, thé National Theatre, the walking street, chicken inside door of central market, coffee booth with coffee roaster !!

11 March 2018

Today was a relaxer at the Adventure Inn...breakfast, nap, sitting around the pool for hours, had a rum and coke and beer over about 5 hours, enjoyed watching CR families in pool, CR boys were fun to watch - like kids everywhere near a pool!! The Passion flower is the hedge around the pool !! We also ate calmari and nachos while sitting reading, writing in this journal and playing crib...Jer beat me all day! I won last nite - skunked him! Rare event!!

10 March 2018

Left Monteverde with thoughts that we must come back - one day isn’t enough!! It’s was chilly, rainy and last night there was a terrible wind!! This morning we went to a wonderful latte...very very good!! Coffee here is tops! The. Stopped at the orchard restaurant and had rAncheros . This restaurant should be in FQ. Cool and different with excellent food!! We left around 12:30 and travelled down this dusty, rocky road that went from high down a very very long mountain !! We arrived in a busy busy San Jose! One side of road was the high mountains with the other side being the Pacific Ocean!! Such an interesting country with many different types of land, climates, ecosystems. Tonite we went to a rest near hotel and had appetizers mushrooms a d ceviche for the 3 time!!

9 March 2018

Pretty tree flowers in Sky Adventures Sky walk!
So many many flowers in the wild!
More flowers and just the beautiful trees!!

8 March 2018

On our way to Lake Arenal. Arenal lake is a man made lake that creates power as well as used in another dry area of Costa Rica. We spent our day travelling through field of coffee, sugar cane and pineapples. They also have cattle’s so all things good for agricultural!
Lunch time near La Fortunate
Bus ride to lake Arenal
River rafting!! Near Arenal lake and tabicon hot springs
Lunch time near La Fortunate
Cloud forest lake Arenal
Cloud forest and Arenal Volcano - couldn’t see as too foggy!!
Multiple photos of Mar plants
First stop on tour was San ?? They paint things in their town with this zentangle type folk painting. Church also painted
Today we left on our final tour - lake Arenal in cloud forest, then to Monteverdi tomorrow. This area seems well off with agriculture such as dairy cows, pineapple fields, coffee, plantains, sugar cane, milk cheese and beef!! Very lush with much rain!! Went to Tabicon hot springs! WhAt a beautiful place - hot pools coming down mountain - hottest at top. Pool bar! Stayed overnight at Arenal volcano inn! Beautiful area!!

6 March 2018

What a day - got up for 6 am boat ride in canals and saw: howler monkeys, lots of birds, Cayman, Iguana, big toucan, rainbow toucan, spider monkeys, basiclis lizard (Jesus lizard), other lizards and bats. After breakfast we went for hike and saw Beatles, red poison dart toad, a green toad, flowers of palms. This afternoon we went kayaking in canals and saw more spider monkeys, basiclis lizard, orchids, drank coconut milk from a real coconut off tree (Juan opened it). After supper we went with Barb and Doug to see the Cayman eating fish by the boats. And ants carrying leaves from a tree with two roadways to an ant hill, plus an insect like a big green grasshopper and two huge toad!! Incredible!!

5 March 2018

Early morning heading to Torteguero !! We left at 5:45 am from San Jose...picked up about 15 more people! Our guide is Juan. We drove through the Barillo National Park - mountains and a coastal many different types of trees and ferns...beautiful ! Then we got to the Caribbean side which was flat- sea level. Our first animal was found by the driver...a sloth and we could have touched him...second was a Rhinoceros beetle - like those on Indiana Jones. Then we got into river boats and headed up canals for an hour and 1/2. We saw all kinds of birds, a crocodile, Iguana, a green lizard, some interesting ducks. We stayed at Turtle beach...after lunch we saw a small snake on a tree. We put our feet in the’s very very wavy and hardcore! We get all our meals from here so had a great lunch and supper! Nice hammocks!

4 March 2018

Left Our little MA home!! It was the perfect place for us - location was perfect To beaches, buses, restaurants, bars like Barde joua, Emelios, dessert and lattes at Café Milegra, Agua de Azul...our little place got us in shape as there were stairs everyday and lots of up and down!! The size of our studio shape was great - a small bedroom, bathroom, and living room/kitchen space! There were about six steps to the front door!! We had to climb stairs to get to main road! Lots of them! Photo is Jer dragging my suitcase to wait for bus to get us To San Jose! We are in San Jose and will leave tomorrow morning very early to Torteguero for 3 days. More Photos to come!!photos: a tourist stop to San Jose, Jer dragging suitcase to shuttle, views from top of stairway, our MA accommodation

3 March 2018

Big day! Had a couple of big experiences today! I was outside studio taking flower photos when I heard this scratching sound behind me... then I saw this huge Iguana climbing up the stairs to our studio! Which is where I was standing!! He was scared of me but I was barely breathing ! He stopped about 8 steps up, and peed a huge amount of pee that ran off the step! I was in shock!! Then he got to the top of the landing, stopped and just stared at me! I stared back with my mouth open! He slowed his breathing down and then we both just enjoyed looking at each other! That was something !!

2 March 2018

Flowers are coming out again...right by our door!! Today was very nice kayaking in the Damas Mangroves!! Mega Gondzales was our guide..Iguana tours..picked us up then off to Quepos, then to Damas, another couple from Montreal. There are three different types of mangroves...all kinds of roots into the water! We saw bats attached to trees, crabs crawling up and down the branches, small anteater that was rare to see as it’s nocturnal, a Heron’s, guys fishing with ha nd lines , a duck, another bird r ugh this over my head, a little lizard and one Iguana. The trail to paddle the kayaks was amongst the Mangroves- was a tight fit!! And had to wait a few minutes for tide to come up so we could move! A great traditional CR meal of rice beans fish salad and veggies with plantains with a drink! Trying to get in kayak I tipped it!! Right in with the alligator!! Always so graceful!! Home to pool and then to Red Beard for happy hour and sunset These photos don’t include ones from tour! Lat

1 March 2018

Jer doing the dishes - made grilled cheese sandwiches tonite - ate out for lunch so trying to be somewhat responsible as been eating morning noon and night out...such good food!! Everything’s so dawn good!! Coconut cream pie - out of real coconut - different than mine!! Thought I had a video but can’t find it Late lunch at Emelios - ceviche and tuna burger and almond cheesecake!
Thursday Mar 1 spent doing whatever we want...had one job and that was doing our laundry! They have a laundry right here so took most of morning! The. We went to Emelios for the best ceviche of my lifetime!! Jer has a tuna burger!! Then almond topped cheesecake!! We then got a few groceries and then off to pool for a float!! 6 pm is dusk and within a few minutes everything is dark! You’d think it was 10 Pm but only 7 pm. It’s so calm here that we can hear excellent music coming from the bars around. Sounds very cool!! Wish I could record it!! Sounds like a happening’s is!! Today I found a medium size Iguana outside our door on some plants! I think I scared him more than he did me! He’s awesome!! Jer saw another animal a day or so that resembled a rabbit!! Not sure what that was!! Not a rabbit!! There were sounds by the pool too that were very different- not sure what that was!! We have to go back to Emelios for another ceviche plus a time to take photos as view incredible!!

28 February 2018

Relaxing morning...morning latte, a hang at the pool and then we were picked up by tour company for the sunset catamaran ! Perfect day...boat ride, saw a big stingray, snorkeled and saw some fish, ate a great supper of fish, rice and veggies, a wonderful heart pounding sunset! Some had tears in their eyes it was so beautiful...then when we got back to harbour we looked up to a full moon!! Could define as the perfect day! Oh and then went to Cafe Milegri for coconut cream pie and passion fruit and pineapple smoothie - all home made! Best pie ever !! Good day! Another wonderful thing - our AC is fixed!! Yaaaaa!
Pool at Villas de Parque. Meet Sophia who was 12 yrs old and was very good in English!! Supper was at Red Beard for sunset, margaritas and ended up having fish, beer salad with sushi and listened to old bluesy rock band!! Fun to listen to!!

27 February 2018

Manual Antonio National Park! Saw sloths, frogs, spiders, monkeys, raccoons, green snake, iguanas, butterflies, and a couple more beautiful beaches!!

26 February 2018

Playa Espidillia...beautiful beach!! Note banana ice cream and calmari at The Marlin at beach!!

25 February 2018

Eating Red Snapper, drinking sangrias, crab cake appetizer, watched the sun go down over the Pacific! Love this place! Red Beard - 1/2 block from our place! Barda Roja! Discovered Chili Guaro or Chili water!!
Toronto at 7:15...a little tired!

24 February 2018

Costa Rica here we come!!
Yap there are people
The line up for immigration...a few peeps!!
Eating Timmy muffins!!
Eating before leaving might be a long night!!

23 February 2018

We are off to Calgary at 9:25pm