Italy · 7 Days · 6 Moments · September 2017

Jill's tour through Italy

20 September 2017

So today is our last day in Sicily which began as always with cappuccino and croissant We then headed off to Alvo marina where Jill swam and Martyn had to stayed covered up as he had over cooked the day before. However whilst there a local keep fit enthusiast did a number of exercises which Martyn has replicated unfortunate Martyn does not have an all over tan or a 6 pack (yet) We moved on to national nature reserve for lunch and from here we travelled to Modica which makes its own beer and chocolates both of which we sampled. See photo 5 for the cathedral From Modica we travelled on to Regusa which is a city perched on a hill amazing mountain goats need only apply for citizenship From here it was a trip back to Catania Airport and the late flight back to Gatwick and home by 3am End of Holiday

18 September 2017

Hi we travelled down to Gela which is on the Mediterranean Sea and had great day on the beach which was deserted. On route we came across loads of prickly pears which we have eaten and tasted great but they are not called prickly for nothing!!! Later in the day we came back via Chiaramonte Gulfi which is nicknamed the balcony of Sicily because the views are so spectacular you can literally see for miles from east to west - facing south. We also experienced for the first time brioche and ice cream together Martyn has been keeping up his jogging around the island of Ortigia which he needs to do to make up for the beer pizzas and brioche and ice cream he is consuming Off to Regusa where they film the inspector montalbano series tomorrow Chillin today and snorkelling in the Ionian Sea today - its going to be colder than the med Ciao

17 September 2017

Chillin in Ortygia some shots from our strolls around the island. The first shot is the front door to our apartment

15 September 2017

So here is Etna circa 3300m above sea level and last erupted March 17 !!! Interesting journey as we attacked it from the south side and left it from the north side which is where you were able to get the best view. It is still smouldering I guess it does all the time. Interesting landscape around Etna as the lava flows are very distinctive against the green vegetation although the landscape is pretty bleak even on a sunny day We walked around one of the craters and the pimples on the top are people walking around the crater Etna honey seems to be very popular as plenty available to buy We followed a cyclist down from Etna who was managing to exceed the 50km/hr speed limits I am pleased to report I am now able to drive like an Italian !!!! Happy Birthday Harri 😀

14 September 2017

These photos speak for themselves we went to Noto which is a UNESCO world heritage location it was an amazing place to visit so much religion in one location. It was very hot though approach 34 c with no breeze Later in the day we drove to the coast where we found as sandy beach and a very welcomed dip in the sea to cool down in Avola This was our first trip in the car which through the very narrow streets of Ortigia was a real experience for us ............and all those really patient Italian drivers!! Next stop Etna !!!!

13 September 2017

So here we are in Sicily in Ortygia which is an island and part of Syracuse We are experiencing wall to wall sunshine unlike the English summer we have just been through Ortygia was hit by an earthquake in the 1600 so was completely re built in 1658! in the baroque style and very beautiful it is,with honey coloured stone and bulging iron balconies - although when built the balconies were gold coloured The streets are very narrow and although we managed to get here in the car at nighttime we have yet to test whether we can extract the car from the car park and manoeuvre it around the streets. We can see why scooters are so popular We have swam in the Ionian Sea everyday although beaches are so far in short supply and we have been swimming off jetties The picture is the fountain of Diana and opposite the cafe we go to for breakfast as well as being the place to catch the local buses which we have done and been to see the largest roman amphitheatre outside of Rome ...allegedly