Sweden · 2 Days · 4 Moments · May 2016

Jha in Stockholm

5 May 2016

Today was a National Holiday in Sweden so everyone was on Holiday for the "weekend". Seriously... when do people work here? Should I move to Europe?) It's clear in Europe that there is emphasis on family. There were families everywhere but most fascinating was the abundance of fathers with their young children. In many cases, pretty damn good looking Swedish men pushing their babies in buggies. (US needs to step up our stroller game!) Crystal told me these men are called "latte papas". :D The lines at Skansen were long but fast moving due to the amount of strollers in line. Skansen was beautiful! It's an open air museum featuring the homes and old buildings of Sweden. Several of these buildings were transported via train and reconstructed in Stockholm to capture the beauty and history of Swedish life. An excellent place to spend the entire day with family. Most locals packed a picnic as there are several grassy areas to sit, eat and soak in the sun. $15 USD for entrance was a steal.
Food, food and more food! Breakfast @ Cafe Pascal **** Lunch @ Skansen *** Omakase @ Sushi Sho ***
05.05.16 Morning Devotional For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. —Romans 8:5 KJV Romans 8:5 teaches us that if we “mind” the flesh, we will walk in the flesh. But if we “mind” the things of the Spirit, we will walk in the Spirit. Our actions follow our thoughts! It is important for you to come to grips with the fact that your life will not get straightened out until your mind does. You cannot overcome any problem by determination alone. It is important to be determined, but determined in the Holy Spirit, not in the effort of your own flesh. The Holy Spirit is close to you. He is your Helper—seek His help. Lean on Him. You can make it with His help. Give the Holy Spirit control of your life. He will lead you into the perfect will of God for you, which includes exceeding, abundant blessings, peace, and joy.

4 May 2016

We made it to Stockholm. I'm not sure if my body is finally settling in or there's just something in the air but as soon as our train approached Stockholm Central Station I got a jolt of energy and became very excited! I think we made the right call to start our trip with cozy CPH and warm up to Stockholm. Immediately I noticed more diversity in the people, architecture, food selections and it felt more metropolitan. It has a really good energy about it. Per usual, Crystal selected a wonderful airBnB in the neighborhood of Vasastan, that looks much better in real life than the listing. It's a hip spot close to several restaurants and walking distance to city center and the shopping district. For our first meal we randomly picked an Italian restaurant on Yelp called Buco Nero. Looks like a club when you enter lol but opens up to a large restaurant with open kitchen. Being a weekday we got very prompt service. My meal: Burrata, Vongole, Sauvignon Blanc all for $51 USD.