Croatia, United Kingdom · 7 Days · 29 Moments · October 2017

Jess's voyage in Croatia

10 October 2017

My last day in Zadar

9 October 2017

Spent the morning reading by the sea then went to have cake

8 October 2017

Plitvice Lakes
Our stop on the way to the lakes

7 October 2017

My day trip to Ugljan island. I went on a ferry.

6 October 2017

Then another museum this time an archeological one. Yes that’s a penis inscribed on a tablet from the 2nd century
Got some fries with pesto and parmesan and amazed the guy with Apple Pay, so many Croats have never seen Apple Pay. Then saw some people wearing matching hoods which amused me.
Then I went to the museum of illusions. The puzzles were all too hard for me 😂
It rained today so I went shopping

5 October 2017

My hostel
Walking home
Eating my cherry strudel. The girl that served me complimented my eyebrows 😄
Another beautiful sunset in zadar
Having a beer
My walk to the beach

4 October 2017

How far I walked today.
Watched the sun set
Went grocery shopping
A cat came to the hostel
The old town
On the way into the old town.

3 October 2017

I’ve always wanted to come out of the airport to see someone holding a sign with my name on it.