Czech Republic, Slovakia · 3 Days · 25 Moments · August 2016

Jessie's voyage in Czech Republic

24 August 2016

Most interesting conversation I've had yet. There's an English couple on our tour and we were discussing differences. They typically are given 5 weeks vacation. (This is like the Swiss couple we met in Costa Rica that gets 6 weeks) This couple had a 17 day tour of National Parks in the US earlier this year. Their university was free but isn't now and she said when it was free it was more elitist-they were very choosy about who was admitted whereas now, in order to get money in, they have lowered admission standards. She said the same about coming from university not guaranteeing you a job or that you'll be more qualified for one. She seems ok with government healthcare but they pay for it in a way because working people pay a tax covering such programs. She confirmed the issue with they also pay for unemployment and there are a lot living off it including immigrants which is why they are leaving EU.
Dobre Rano! (Good morning) Still in Czech on way to Slovakia.
In Prague, they drive on the right like us. Smoking is still big here-there are advertisements and smoking/non-smoking sections in restaurants. You can pay in euros but will be given change in local currency. Otherwise, they live like us and are just as uninterested in their own home like us because they're used to it. According to a local guide, they still have large apartment buildings with small apartments in drab colors remaining from Soviet Union communist times. They're trying to brighten them up by painting and flowers.
Last breakfast here. They like their buttered potatoes and beans in tomato sauce.
We had some very nice uber drivers while here. When speaking with one who is Czech, he said he wasn't interested in Prague because he grew up here. We said but it has so much more history than the US. He said but you have Boston. I said, yea, I'd love to go to Boston. He said yet you're here in Prague! Perspective.

23 August 2016

Charles bridge at night-9-10:20 pm and it's still crowded. Delicious dinner at Kampapark.
They put locks on all their bridges lol. This is to stay in love forever.
Charles bridge
Lennon wall. Apparently it was started as a rebellion against soviets. Citizens would write on it, the soviets would paint it and they'd write in it again. John Lennon has never been to Prague.
From the belfry
Prague Castle
2016: 500kc (Czech crowns or koruna) is the equivalent of ~$20.
Prague Palace. After walking around all day and climbing 215 steps to a belfry not connected to a church-just an outlook that we paid for), we went in through the exit to the palace which cause us to climb a steep hill unnecessarily. It was beautiful though.
Lunch under the Charles bridge. Note the menu pits American Dressing on Marks BLT

22 August 2016

Czech Dinner and Music
Czech Dinner and music
I needed change for the toilet so I went to a Western Union-change station. She angrily made change and told me they don't usually do that-just exchanges. Then I got downstairs a to toilet where you pay and the woman had change. SMH
Just some notes: streets are cobblestone-they hurt. Toilets are 0.50€, but free if you buy something at a restaurant, etc. you may need a code to enter.
Yea, I ate a quesadilla in Prague. It wasn't bad either.
Astronomical Clock
Charles Bridge is like the French quarter with its vendors and musicians
Charles Bridge 14th Century
Jewish Quarter Prague

21 August 2016

Our hotel and first night