Hungary · 3 Days · 25 Moments · August 2016

Jessie's odyssey through Hungary

27 August 2016

Finally found Dr. Pepper, but it's not cold. They are truly averse to any air conditioning and refrigeration here 😕, but I suppose they're consistent.
Finally able to drink coffee in the morning the last two. They serve in small tea cups, even the to go cups are small. It's strong, but not as much as I expected. It's good, but then I chose "American Coffee" on the machine. Plus they give me a little saucer and spoon so it's like a tea party when I was little. 😄

26 August 2016

Hungary forint. Pictured is a little over $3.00 (forint 275~$1.00)
Usin a laundromat in Budapest 😁👊🏼
"Shoes on the Danube" This is a memorial made in 2005 of brass shoes representing Hungarian Jews being lined up at the rivers edge for execution and made to take their shoes off first. (1944-1945) If you look up the story it's much more horrific than even that. This brass pair of a child's shoes stopped me in my tracks. People leave flowers and notes. There were multiple pairs of children shoes and in one pair someone left some candy in them. I wonder if it was another child being taught about this dark history.
This is one of multiple memorials for the loss of Jewish life in various ways. They speak a lot of the world wars here and in a pretty honest viewpoint. We visited the WW1 museum.
Climbed to the top of this hill where there's a statue of a saint and at the top the Liberty statue. It's roughly 1,000 feet up according to Marks watch with altitude readings.
Our visit to St Mathias Basilica. I was wearing a sleeveless shirt so they required that I put a drape over my shoulders to enter the church. (It was really hot) and the last pic is of a foot
Fisherman's Bastion next to the church. Great lookout point.
I just like this building because it's old. Looks like remnants of the soviet era.
Scenes around Budapest
Paprika is something Hungary takes pride in; they make the best paprika in the world. They have paprika in everything including flavored chips-which are very good.

25 August 2016

Me in the cruise enjoying my first cup of coffee on Europe. I've been in my cycle then it was just too stinking hot. It was nice out tonight.
Only statue in Budapest erected during Soviet Period
Pic of us on the cruise with parliament behind us
Dinner on a cruise in the Danube. We're dining with Christina from Australia and Liz from England; both are in our group. They both traveled as singles and met on the trip since they were roomed together. Christina is well traveled in Europe because she has a fascination with WW2. Oh and there was champagne here too so I guess I like champagne now. 🍾
Pics of parliament from the front in the daytime.
My first time at an American embassy and they don't allow pictures 😔 but it's behind those trees
Nothing particular about this building I just love that it's old, dilapidated and not touched up-it just is. Plus there's cool gargoyle things in it. I would so make this a spook house!
Budapest has 2million. Hungary 10million. Pest side flat, Buda is hilly, smaller and greener. Sides are split by Danube. They are also part of EU and accept Euro but will give change in their currency, forint. 275 forint=$1, but they are aware of what tourists will pay so it evens out in tourist areas.

24 August 2016

Our beds have been double like this in each hotel but this time they're even pushed apart like we're on the Dick Van Dyke show.
Train station. Not a great pic because it's beautiful. It was designed by Eiffel-same designer as Eiffel Tower. He lived in Budapest for ~10 years
Pics around the city. We're eating lunch at an Italian restaurant. I didn't know that when I picked it, but it was good. First pic with my new selfie-stick! Mark wasn't a fan of this purchase but everyone here uses them. They have "Coke Light" here, but Mark said its nasty. Did I mention no Dr. Pepper here?/!
Dinner. Champagne and wine. Music. Good.
Border crossing from Slovakia to Hungary! No need to show passport unless we get stopped to search for refugees so no stamp 😞