Austria, Germany · 4 Days · 12 Moments · August 2016

Jessie's adventure in Austria

31 August 2016

Mark has all the tour pics today. This is a shopping street in Salzburg. We took a ride on the funicular and toured the fortress. Sound of music tour was kind of a bust-we did see some places where it was filmed and heard the story, but a lot of it was repeat info from the city tour or general history. Not worth it in my opinion.

30 August 2016

Dinner in Salzburg. Picture of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton having eaten here. Dates back to 803. Beautiful restaurant; food was eh.
Melk Abbey
Vineyards and cruise along the Danube on way to Melk

29 August 2016

You can open hotel Windows here-which can be a must due to no a/c.
Went to the zoo and gardens. Zoo was fun, but the gardens were amazing. I was surprised because I don't really care about gardens but there was so much more to it.

28 August 2016

There's a road circling Vienna's city center called ring road. Here's the entrance. It was a lot of shopping really, but great buildings. We took a carriage ride to the imperial palace and got to ride it through the entrance. It was neat to imagine riding in back in the day. Also pictures is the oldest restaurant-1566.
Vienna sausage in Vienna! And McDonalds has fried Gouda 😋

27 August 2016

Hofburg orchestra and opera. The venue was changed from Hofburg palace to this concert hall because of some event at the palace, but it was nice. Balcony seats. Pictured with Mark and Liz from England. It was pleasantly entertaining with some comedic moments.
My first time listening to opera live. Not really my thing but the singers were entertaining.
Smoking is still popular here. This is an ashtray in a bathroom stall. They still advertise smoking, ashtrays for souvenirs, I think I stated previously they have smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants, etc.
This was from our trip to Vienna by way of the Vienna Woods. We stopped at Mayerling hunting lodge where prince rudolf killed his 17 y/o lover then himself. He was suffering from gonorrhea and addiction. It was then made a convent by Emperor Franz Joseph, his father, and he paid for them to pray for his son. While it was an interesting story, the place was just a building made into a church, museum, souvenir shop. I was hoping more for some real woods and an old hunting lodge that somewhat resembles its former self.