Europe, North America · 12 Days · 39 Moments · March 2016

Frater's work in Holland

25 March 2016

#winning Star Wars on the 9hr Delta flight home ✈️❤️
Last meal @ Schipol Airport before I fly home. The amazing Dutch food was so clean, all the proteins & their produce! Pretty perfect that they served it on the "Blue Delft-ware" plate too!

24 March 2016

Amsterdam Central Station. I so want to see if I can sprint into Hogwartz through one of the center pillars... Bad idea 😉
My Hostel in Amsterdam City Center. Only a little over a block from the Red Light District. Great experience, I'm so glad I decided to stay there!

24 March 2016

TU Delft Materials, Maritime & Materials Engineering building. Every field in the Engineering Industry has its own specialized building and program here in Delft. THE School of Engineering 😊❤️
TU Delft Innovation Incubator. By far the coolest building I've seen since I've been here. Rainbow windows!? Who doesn't love that!
TU Delft Library. Almost built Frank Lloyd Wright style "into the earth" and has grass growing up the slope and on the roof top
Here come the tulips!

23 March 2016

TU Delft Athletic Complex. They tried to make me come out & learn to play Field Hockey!
Dinner last night at Moodz... Asian Calamari & Asian Nachos. The food here is just amazing. It's probably going to be the biggest thing I miss!
Exact Software Headquarters (Outside)

22 March 2016

City Hall during daylight

21 March 2016

Just a huge beautiful 💙

20 March 2016

The Tulips are coming up in blooms in the middle of the medians! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Technische Universiteit Delft (University of Technology Delft or TU Delft) on the canal
420 Cafe & Coffeeshop
The Heineken Experience. Bruce trying to "Perfect his pouring" 🍺
City Center Amsterdam Madame Tussad's
Fresh waffle, chocolate, ice cream 🍨 in The Red Light District. "Smoke & a pancake? Bong & a blitz?" Or ...Prostitute & a waffle? What more could you want!
The Red Lights... Originally were used because the color was flattering & also because it hid the signs of sexually transmitted diseases. & Purple lights indicate a transsexual prostitute.
Red Light District, Museum of Prostituon. Canal during the day. Museum of Prostitution. View of the district as a prostitute.
Lemmy! At Belushi's, Hostel & Bar in Amsterdam
Canal Tour

19 March 2016

Red Light District
Sex Museum, Amsterdam

18 March 2016

Look who I found while wandering through the city? Her name is Teddy. She made everything a little better 😊
What on earth is with these tiny ass beers?!?!

17 March 2016

Playing "Yahtzy" with new friends from last night who keep telling me my accent is amazing 😂
One of the odd life size ridiculous colored Exact animals around the offices. Red Elk anyone?
You sure can't miss the Nieuw Welgelegen Athletic complex & building! 💚💛💚💛 Go Pack Go!

16 March 2016

Delft City Center. City Hall. Nieuwe Kerk (Church)
Maria van Jessekerk, Delft Netherlands
De Oostpoort, Delft
Going on a run to find an AMEX ATM... Headed towards the stars & red pin. Fingers crossed I don't get stolen 😳😕
Panoramic of inside of Exact Software Headquarters
Miniature "lawn mower ornaments" out on the lawn at Exact Corporate Headquarters.
Exact Software Headquarters

14 March 2016

Westcord Hotel... The room has no power in it until the room key is put into the slot next to the door.
Delta flight with PLUR bracelet from my Vixen teammate