Europe · 17 Days · 5 Moments · February 2017

Jessica's study abroad in Europe

24 February 2017

The last weekend in February we flew to Copenhagen, Denmark. The day we arrived was gorgeous outside and it felt like exactly what you see online. The colors of the buildings and the water were absolutely stunning! We met a few kids who we went to some bars with and then eventually to his apartment to drink and hangout with a few other people. We also visited Christiania the small territory outside of the UN's power. We also hung out for a very long time at cooenhagens street food in paper town where I had crepes, fries, and icecream-oh my I know...but it tasted so good. We couldn't find the Donald trump mural or the trampolines in the ground, but nonetheless had a great time wandering and exploring copenhagen's beautiful streets and buildings the rest of the time.

17 February 2017

From February 16-19th we visited Krakow, Poland. We checked in to our hostel at 5am after a painfully long 7 hour bus ride. Our room wasn't cleaned yet so we all passed out in the lobby on a small couch. Our tour to the concentration camps-Auschwitz and Berkenau-was at 8am so we had a very intense first full day in Poland. Visiting the camps in person is unlike anything you could ever learn about in movies or books. The next day we went underground and toured the salt mine where we saw beautiful salt chandeliers and licked the walls and enjoyed being inside from the rain. That night we walked into random bars (I had my first jaagerbomb) and had a great time getting lost along the main square. We ended the night by meeting up with hector and Adrian at the hookah bar where we also had a few more drinks for the night!

12 February 2017

Our last day in Salzburg-Mozart was born here. We slept in and left the hostel to walk around and visit the fortress and a few museum exhibits. Then we visited a cafe built in the early 1700s and then walked the river. Our bus leaves at 1:45am to Prague and tomorrow is our first day of class!

11 February 2017

Today we took a train from Vienna to Salzburg and I fell in love. Although Vienna was beautiful and clean and I got the chance to see the United Nations headquarters here, I was aching for something else. This is a smaller mountain city with beautiful views. Today was the first day i have seen the sun since I've been to Europe (11 days). A boy playing covers on the street really made my heart lift listening to scientist by Coldplay-I bought his cd bc for the first time since I've been here my heart felt at peace for a second.

7 February 2017

My first week in Prague included visits to the John Lennon wall, charles bridge, dancing house, the square, astronomical clock, the infant Jesus, cathedrals, lots of night clubs, and the Prague castle. Prague is known for the red roofs of their buildings, lots of cobble stone paths, and when you walk down smaller side streets the mood changes based on the colors of the buildings-light blues, light greens, light yellows, pinks, etc.