North America, South America · 76 Days · 16 Moments · May 2018

Jessica's Study Abroad Experience in Chile

22 July 2018

currently closer to Antarctica than I am to home!! Almost at the most southern tip of the America’s, wow!!!

26 June 2018

First day working in the clinic and I am exhausted! Today I took vital signs and cleaned wounds for a family medicine doctor! Super challenging to understand and instruct patients completely in Spanish, as well as shadow the doctor and understand all the medical vocabulary in a different language but I know it will get easier!

16 June 2018

Casa del bosque winery weekend trip with some great friends!!!

14 June 2018

After class walks through the city!!

11 June 2018

Last day in Atacama, mountain biking the 7km trail! Later we will fly back to Santiago, and then make our way back to home, Beautiful Valparaíso!!

10 June 2018

Third day of adventures in Atacama!

9 June 2018

First day in Atacama! We visited Valle de La Luna and watched the sun set over the desert!
We arrived in San Pedro de Atacama after a long day of travels! Here are some photos of our hostel (my first hostel experience)! I loved staying in the hostel, we met new friends, cooked dinner as a group and had a lot of fun! A great way to travel for cheaper and make great friends and memories!

23 May 2018

Photos from La Sebastiana, one of three houses that belonged to Pablo Neruda, the famous Chilean poet! Having never read Pablo Neruda before, visiting his house earlier in the trip didn’t mean much to me, but after reading some of the poets work, I am addicted and I realize how special it was to get to tour his house! If you have not read Neruda, you need to!!

20 May 2018

Today my “papá” took me on a tour of my new city, Valparaíso! He wanted to take a “selfie” with the port, so I included that photo as well! This city is beautiful and I am excited to learn the bus and subway so that I can have more freedom to explore, go to class and visit my friends in my neighborhood and the other, Vina Del Mar!

19 May 2018

Our last day in the hotel, we went to a market for almuerzo and then took a bus 2 hours away to Valparaíso where we met our host families! My parents are great, and my mom cooks very well, the first night we ate salmon, potatoes, rice and of course...vino Chileno y pisco sour!

18 May 2018

We visited a winery, where we tried two different wines, and learned about the process of making one of the most famous wines in the world, the Chilean wine!

17 May 2018

We visited the city square of Santiago, and Cerro Santa Lucía, where we could see the entire skyline of Santiago. We also visited the capitol building, where the current president of Chile works, as well as past presidents such as Allende and Pinochet!

16 May 2018

explored the City through the air, watched the sunset over Santiago, met new friends, ate German food while speaking Spanish and drank plenty of pisco sours and Chilean mojitos... bienvenidos a Chile!
...and hello to Santiago, Chile after a 10hr flight that seemed like forever!!

15 May 2018

Saying goodbye to Columbus for the next two and a half months!✈️