Canada · 4 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

Across Canada Camping Trip

27 June 2017

Drove from Calgary to Banff. The drive is breathtaking. No words or pictures could describe how beautiful the Rockies are. We stayed in Johnston Canyon campground right outside Banff and it was very nice. Big sites, ours was a little tricky to get into, but we did it eventually. We then hiked Johnston Canyon which was beautiful

26 June 2017

Drove for a very long day from Moose Jaw to Calgary, the sights were beautiful, the prairies are very underrated. The campsite was an RV campsite, it was typical site
We went to the underground tunnels tour, which they used during the prohibition for smuggling alcohol. It was all about Al Capone and his gang ring. It was really good and informative, definitely recommend if in Moose Jaw!!

25 June 2017

Arrived in Moose Jaw and stayed in Wakamow campground. Nice views of the lake/ river. Campground was nothing special, but was nice. We drove around and there were tons of parks for the kids and downtown near the river was super nice

24 June 2017

Camped at KOA in Winnipeg, the whole campground was clay and my shoes got stuck in the clay!!!