Europe · 4 Days · 29 Moments · December 2017

Jessica's adventure in Italy

30 December 2017

At the end of the night, we went to a dance club called Koko that plays indie disco and a range of music. It was 10 pounds to enter and it was honestly so fun. The people were actually dancing and not just grinding and there was space to move. There were a lot of attractive guys dressed nicely but there were also some weird ones we stayed away from. I met this guy whose name was Sunni??? and I kept thinking he was saying sorry. Then this girl named Natasha told Nivi and I that we were pretty and brought us drinks. She had come by herself from Austria and made friends with these two Brit girls. She was so pretty and the other girls were so nice too. We danced together and Nivi danced with this one guy for a few moments. It was a really good night.
The view from the shard was absolutely amazing. We could see all of London and it was stunning. A lot of people got proposed here too. There were many couples and people dressed nicely. I wish I could go on a date here sometime.
We started walking towards the shard and it was chilly out so we grabbed a hot drink on the way. Then we walked alongside the shops near the river and found another singer in a shopping center singing perfect by ed Sheehan. I bought some earrings at a store called accessorize.
Once we got our pass, we decided to do the River Thames cruise since it wasn’t raining out. The cruise was amazing. The tour guide was really funny and told us how the aquarium has a sushi bar on top. We would wave at people passing on the bridge. It was so beautiful to see the city skyline at nighttime.
Our first day in London we went to find our London pass. It was simply magical. There were artists singing on the street and it was so beautiful outside.

29 December 2017

Then we sent photos to each other.
We met this guy on the train who bought us lunches he was nice, but I won’t talk to him again.
We went back to the cafe on the way back to grab a snack before we left. It was bittersweet since we just had begun to know them. A couple of their names were Fabio and Luca and they wore cute hats. They gave us a free sample with artichoke which they said in English in a funny way. On the way out, we made sure to say Ciao to them.
We walked across the street to where some ruins are and it was a really pretty view. We took photos alongside it.
We went to the colosseum early so we wouldn’t have to wait in line and it was breathtaking. It was freezing cold though. We met a spanish couple who we took their photo and they took ours then walked around the colloseum from bottom to top.

28 December 2017

At the end of the day, we sent photos to each other and went to sleep.
We ended by getting pasta at a restaurant with some red wine. I drink some still and sparkling water to water down the wine. Then Candace and uncle walked us home.
We got gelato at a big gelato place with a fondue wall. I got a chocolate flavor and one with nuts. It was so rich and delicious that for such a small serving, it was enough.
We went to Trevi Fountain which looked so pretty during the nighttime although it was packed with people. I threw another coin into it and made a wish.
We took a bus to the colosseum but could not go inside since the tours had ended. It was still so crazy to see it in person.
The altar was gorgeous. Uncle gave me money to go to the top floor and it was the best view of the whole city. I could see the mountains from all around Italy and how most of the buildings were similar colors and there were many ruins.
After this we walked to the Altar of the Fatherland which is the tallest point in Europe.
We started by getting some food at an Italian restaurant. We had potato chips with a sweet ketchup. We also got this potato ball that had rice and cheese on the inside. My pizza was called the trifaltar and it had mozzarella, mushrooms, and eggplant. It was really good but I could not finish it.

27 December 2017

I was exhausted on the bus way home. When we got back to the hotel, I took a shower and passed out on the bed. Two hours later I woke up at 10 and me and Nivi sent photos to each other and I posted some to Facebook. Then we went to bed.
After this, we started walking towards the Vatican since our entrance was at 3. It started to pour rain and hail outside for a good ten minutes and we got soaking wet from head to toe. My feet and socks were drenched and they squished when I walked. The Vatican was a little confusing to walk around, but we eventually got the hang of it. I really liked a lot of the art especially one by Leonardo da Vinci. This here is a mummy from ancient Egypt that was mummified using salt. We were here for a good three hours since the museum is one way and forced you to go through the entire thing. At the end we just wanted to see the Sistine chapel, but it made us go through a bunch of other galleries first. When we finally got there, there was no photography although some people had their phones out. It was really pretty with pastels and I could not believe he spent 14 years painting this. Then we were trying to exit but had to go through more of the museum to do so. Uncle took us home by bus.
The Trevi Fountain was only around the corner and there were a lot of people there. The water was so green. It was really pretty to see and we took a bunch of photos. Me, Tim, and Nivi all took a video of us throwing our coins into it which means we will come back to Rome within ten years. I threw another one with my own wish.
We went to get gelato after at Candace’s favorite place. It had 150 flavors and I chose rocher since it sounded really good and it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. It tasted just like a Ferrero rocher but in a gelato form and tasted perfect with a crunch. I got a small but since it was so decadent and rich, this was the perfect size.
Then we went to the Pantheon. It was this big round building that was really tall and had paintings around the side. There is a hole in the top so rain would fall through it. It wasn’t too big or breathtaking so we only spent about ten minutes looking around and then walked to get lunch and uncles favorite paninis place. We all ended up ordering the same one with mozzarella and tomato and it was absolutely delicious. Tim took some photos with his Polaroid which were really cute.
The streets on the way were so cute and had lights strung across the top. The streets were made of little black stones that weren’t flat and every now and then a car would zoom by us and barely fit through. The cars are smaller and there are a lot of motorcycles here.
We decided to stop along the way and take photos since these bridges were so gorgeous and it had stopped raining for a bit. There were a lot of people trying to sell us umbrellas and vendors on the side selling knick knacks.
This is the inside of St. Peter’s. It was absolutely beautiful and huge inside and it was difficult to focus on one thing since every inch was so detailed from the floors to the ceilings. I was glad we had waited in line. After we started walking down the Main Street towards the pantheon.
After this, we got in line for St. Peter’s Basilica. The line was about 30 min long, but it moved fast and was worth it. It was raining out, but it wasn’t raining that bad and o wasn’t really cold. It was really pretty outside and the cold weather gave everything a natural filter.
I took a photo of this cute car and street while tim was filling up his water bottle in the water fountains around Rome. Then we went to St. Peter’s Basilica. The line for security was long and then it lead us into a church. We didn’t know what was going on but we decided to just follow everyone and go with the flow. Once we got in, we realized the pope was here and rushed forward to grab a video with him. Then we took seats and waited for it to begin. I think it was a New Years ceremony but I could not understand a lot of what they were saying. They had the circus come in with polar bears and acrobats and perform for him. They said something about reading the back of your tickets, but we didn’t have any while everyone else did. When we went exited, I noticed that there were a lot of people who had to stand in the back or were not allowed in because of how full it got but we had accidentally snuck in without knowing so had gotten really lucky.
Woke up early and decided to take some photos outside of our hotel. We met up with Tim after he accidentally went to the wrong bnb and then went with him and my uncle to grab breakfast. I got a ciolate caldo and connolini crema. Then we took a bus and started walking towards St. Peter’s Basilica. On the way we saw an engraving in the ground which meant a Jewish person who lived there had died during world war 2.