Solomon Islands · 10 Days · 14 Moments · December 2015

Jess and Peter in the Solomon Islands

4 January 2016

3 January 2016


2 January 2016

Pictures from driving around Gizo

31 December 2015

Today ☺️

30 December 2015

Peters hums and whistles to the fishes that swim near our back steps. All different types swim up to him, curious. There's big ones I call grovers, because they suck off the ground and look grumpy. There's Angel fish, small coral coloured fish, striped ones, little blue ones and lots more.

29 December 2015

Lazy days. Tried canoeing, we were useless at it. Didn't help that the traditional canoe had a massive leak!

28 December 2015

27 December 2015

First pics of the Island. Overcast and rainy day but the water still look spectacular. Smallish sharks swim around our bungalow feeding on the scores of small fish. Apparently there is also a barracuda who sees this area as his territory... They call her Rachael after a big mouthed local policewoman.
Flight to Gizo, then dingy ride to imagination Island!

26 December 2015

Arrived! Overnight in Honiara before flying on a small plane to the more remote Gizo, then a 1/2 boat road to our destination; Imagination Island!
Cable car up to the room at the King Solomon Hotel. We're overnight in Honiara before getting a small plane to the more remote Gizo... Then a 1/2 an hour boat ride to Imagination Island!
Flying to Honiara, Solomon Islands
We just looked at the weather forecast for the Solomons for the next two weeks and it's rain, rain, thunderstorms and more rain!! 😞😩