United States of America · 63 Days · 69 Moments · September 2017

Jeryl and Dave's Yellowstone Adventure

3 November 2017

Gulf pState Park, AL - great bike path! Well maintained, lots of wildlife.

30 October 2017

Gulf Shores, AL. Cold on arrival but soon warmed for relaxing day on the beach. Some funky joints here...

28 October 2017

More farmlands... cotton harvest but other fields ready for planting season...

27 October 2017

On back roads to Hot Springs, AK. Didn't find Sam and Ann's (rest. Dave wanted to buy in 1971) but did come across a really good Italian restaurant (J & S Italian Villa - incredible mushroom soup!) in a mall near our "campsite" (at Marriott Courtyard). Dave was seated next to old cowpoke, Jack Palance look alike. (Frost... brrrr.)

26 October 2017

Branson, MO - hillbilly Las Vegas! Odd place, seems literally built on a ridge in the Ozarks.. Besides the music venues, lots of bumper cars, mini golf and donuts! Recommended restaurants included Golden Corral. Saw a good show at 2 in the afternoon - Tribute to Marty Robbins - featuring Leroy New with Rick McEwen.

24 October 2017

Get outta Dodge! Surprisingly good Boot Hill museum with many artifacts and lots of info on the history of the town. Started with the Buff'ler hunters, then Cowboys moving cattle and eventually farmers. Lotsa characters including Big Nose Katie (Wyatt Earps main squeeze). Encountered Monarchs again and in a bit of a time warp with Doc Brown from Back to the Future!

23 October 2017

From Walsh, CO (Pa on post office run) to Satanta, KS, travelling off the interstate. Hard to describe the vast amount of farming land, wide open plains that go on forever, each town seems defined by its grain storage facility and consists on average of 2 x 2 block square. Commenting to local on wind (gusts to 50 mph)... about average for these parts.

22 October 2017

Stopped at a lovely RV campground in Kit Carson, CO as we made our way to the off, off the beaten path site of the Sand Creek Massacre. Was in response to Custer's last stand, targeted a peaceful Indian encampment. Awful, tragic...
Through the Rockies, past Breckenridge and Vail... was dizzying and crazy how the colors of the landscape changed even at high elevation.
Absolutely beautiful surprise out of Moab, route 128 along the Colorado. And more flat, open road to 70... however 70 became very interesting and a little scary as we approached the Rockies. Road was on 2 tiers with steep canyons and evidence of huge rockslides.

21 October 2017

Breathtaking Arches National Monument and ALCS ill-fated game 7. Met quite a few interesting characters however in Moab.

16 October 2017

Out of Sacramento, (train late again)... dropped Jennifer for her return east and fun dinner with Colin and Lisa in SLC before heading south towards Arches... lots of open road...

15 October 2017

Ventured to Sutter's Mill in Coloma where gold was first discovered in California, 1848. On to the Gold Hills Winery...

13 October 2017

Actually, an hour plus later and fire is not out. Houses across track. Cannot proceed. At less at we can listen to the game!
Uh -oh train stopped for small grass fire!!!
All aboard! Train to Sacramento over Donner Pass with view of Donner Lake.

10 October 2017

Bear Lake, Scenic Logan drive on the way to Park City, Utah.
Grand Teton, Lake Louise

9 October 2017

Old Faithful and happened on Spirit Geyser erupting along Firehole Drive. Artists' Painted Pots... the Geyser Basin... at the end of the drive encountered a whole herd of Buffalo (hundreds) making their way down the road. All traffic stopped, they passed either side of our (red!) Truck. Could reach out and touch them but wisely did not try. Very impressive animals!

8 October 2017

Grizzly in the wild! Dave's Totem. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Keppler Falls....
Yellowstone River, Dunraven pass, precarious Bighorn Sheep

7 October 2017

Great day of wildlife sighting! Coyote (we thought perhaps a grey fox! But no...), black bear! and lotsa buffalo....

6 October 2017

Back into the park through Roosevelt gate to Mammouth Hot Springs, herd of Elk lounging on the green, Jennifer found the cabin!

3 October 2017

West Yellowstone. Grizzly and Wolf Education Center.

2 October 2017

First day in Yellowstone. Came in from the east, from Cody over Shoshone Pass. Some sleet and snow. Then down to Yellowstone Lake. Camping along the Madison River. Lot of fly fisherman and animal tracks... Shrimp scampi over the open fire but so cold and no heat!

1 October 2017

Mountain oysters mmm!

30 September 2017

Little Big Horn. Very well done monument, very moving. Recently erected monument to Native Americans who fought in the battle.

29 September 2017

Devils Tower - Close Encounters!
Buffalo Roundup 2017! In Custer Park, early rise and beautiful day.

27 September 2017

Custer State Park, SD Beautiful, drive through Needles Highway. Lots of Monarchs!

26 September 2017

Custer, SD. First night on the grill. Finding all kinds of scat nearby, appears to be a pretty large animal.
Sunny departure from deadwood. On to Mt Rushmore and the totally surprising, but very cool Crazy Horse monument. An incredible story of a man's vision that has been kept alive and passed through 3 generations. Worth hearing about, modern day equivalent of building cathedrals over 100+ years...

24 September 2017

Escape from the cold and rain at the Deadwood Marriott. Did you know gambling is legal in SD!?
Wall Drug. Shopping emporium in the middle of nowhere but pretty good homemade donuts. Dave really wanted that coat!
A bit gloomy weather wise through the badlands but incredible none the less. Found a watering hole to end our day.

23 September 2017

Pine Ridge reservation and Wounded Knee. Lakota Indians. Sacred and sad.
Badlands KOA. Coffee and weather...

22 September 2017

Nearing Badlands
Lots more road, plains, farms and open sky! Sunflowers but what is that red crop? I90.
On through Mitchell and a stop at the infamous Corn Palace. Look familiar, Tom and Dorothy?

21 September 2017

Fields of dreams...
Long day on the road but some pampering to end the day...

20 September 2017

crossing the Mississippi...

19 September 2017

South Bend, Notre Dame campus. Hot days and foggy mornings. Learning more about camper hookups, getting into the rhythm...
Road views

18 September 2017

17 September 2017

Maid of the Mist! And Niagara...
Happened on 10th annual Niagara Blues Fest. Great music, entertainers 70+ and audience not far behind but well seasoned and totally rocked it.
Niagra Falls !Slowly I turn!
Top-notch accommodation...on route 90

16 September 2017

First night, dinner at Savoy in Rome, NY established 1908. Run by same family, 4th generation.
On our way!

4 September 2017

Add coffee cups to the list..

1 September 2017

Test run, breaking in the camper in Stowe, VT