Europe · 26 Days · 71 Moments · September 2016

Jerry's trip to Germany

2 October 2016

Here we are in the Hyatt hotel at skipol airport in Amsterdam. Repacking all our clothes and getting ready for the long trip home.

30 September 2016

Finally on this trip we went to visit our friend Ruth. Of course she had to take us all over the area and see all kinds of things. And we got to see Fabian again the boy who stayed with us over the summer that is her son. It was a very nice visit

28 September 2016

Then we toured there a little town of jever. We went to the castle where in 1500 the owner named Maria one day was lost. No one knows what happened to her. However, for 500 yours they ring the bell at 9 o'clock at night calling to her.
Today Carl and Monica took us to the little town of leer to see a boat museum

27 September 2016

Today we went with Karl and Monica to lever. Had on. café ice one now we are going to have some of Monica's favorite cheesecake. No wonder we are getting so fat
So today once again Karl and Monica took us out. This time it was too little close city that had an Naval Museum of ships. And came back and Monique I had made a very nice cheesecake for us.

26 September 2016

Today a long trip to our good old friends, Karl and monika helmer. Monika made us a delicious beef roldladen.

25 September 2016

Then of course it was time for the farewell dinner at the national Academy of architecture. We had a four piece band playing wonderful Hungarian music while we ate a five course meal. It was a very nice sendoff for the trip
Today we were at the grand opera hall. It was quite beautiful. And at the end we got treated to a couple of arias sung by opera singers. It was quite a nice experience

24 September 2016

This is our hotel in Budapest at night. Classy
Then it was on to another restaurant for a five course lunch. We are getting so fat
Today it is Budapest. Another absolutely beautiful city. We started at the covered shopping mall with all the good food, sausages and fresh vegetables. We wish we had one like that at home. Of course everywhere is Hungarian paprika. Then it was up to the castle hill in the city of Budda. In the gorgeous cathedral was the statue of the black Madonna.

23 September 2016

On the trip from Bratislava to Budapest we went through a man made lake with thousands of swans.
Had a coffee and a Slovak bagel on this boulevard. For some reason they find this sculpture one of the great pieces of the city. ?
Today it was Bratislava. Quite a quaint and beautiful city.

22 September 2016

Today toured the schonbrunnen place. Summer home of the Hapsburgs. Gardens are so big we had to take a carriage ride around it.
Spent the morning up on the top deck. It's going to be a cool and sunny day.

21 September 2016

That evening we dined at the Habsburg palace. We were treated to some fabulous music and dance. It was an evening to remember.
Today we are in Vienna. There are so many beautiful pictures that I couldn't take them all.

20 September 2016

Then a side trip to the little town of durnStein. Had a great trip through their old Benedictine Abbey
Today it is a cruise up the beautiful Wachau Valley. Started out with a great brunch. Too many good pastries to taste.

19 September 2016

Then into the quaint little town for some shopping up the streets also a nice café latte and of course a real Budweiser beer.
today it is Cesky Krumov. We got to drive the bus up to the castle. We first entered at the Castle Gardens and worked our way through the castle overlooking the town and on the Moldau river.

18 September 2016

Tonight was the captains dinner. We dined with a couple from St. Lucia. The evening finished off with An Austrian trio. Played some very nice and varied music.
Well yesterday would've been an entry for Regensburg except it lived up to its name. It poured the whole day. We got soaked.
Like I said. Had a true Bavarian lunch. And then went thru our first lock. 33 feet down.
Today it is Passau. And a bit of a Bavarian lunch. Got to hear the 5 largest pipe organ in the world play. It was stunning.

17 September 2016

Finally got to the boat our room is beautiful I'll take better pictures later on.
This is our only picture of Regensburg. inside the famous old Gothic church there was an alter made of solid silver.

16 September 2016

Was really tired after all the walking this morning and this afternoon and so we decide to get a peddy bike back to the hotel but first for ice cream. While we were on our way to the ice cream shop the driver was stopped by the police and ticketed. Apparently he was using what he thought was a bike lane and they thought he should've been acting as a car. I felt really bad for the young kid.
Then did a quick trip to see the famous astronomical clock of Prague.
We then went on a walking tour of the Jewish ghetto. It included several Jewish synagogues. The one most moving was the one dedicated to all the people lost during world war two. The synagogue had the names of 80,000 Czech Jews that lost their lives in the concentration camps. Our guide told us at one time there was over 100,000 Jews in Prague and today there was only about 2500. We also got to see the Jewish cemetery where again the stones date back to the 1400s. It is a miracle it's survived Nazi Germany.
Of course the monastery has their own brewery. And I got a chance to have a short Saint Norbert Pilsner
Got to go in the grand library of Saint Norbert monastery. Books here date back to the 1400s. It's an actual library and you can take books out. I don't see how they can keep them in any kind of condition that way but it's one of the largest intact libraries in the world that old
Went inside and saw the great church of Saint Vitas. The glass windows were stunning. It just so happened the sun was shining through one side and we got to see how the light reflected on the inside through the windows. The cathedral was started in the 1600s but wasn't actually finished until the 1960s. One of my favorite artists Mucha did one of the windows in the church.
Today we traveled up the hill and back to the palace and castle to get a better look at it. Got lucky enough to see a changing of the guard.

15 September 2016

They had a museum in the palace of many of the recorded claimed items after the communist rule of the royal family. First addition and written scores by Mozart Haydn and Beethoven's third in their own hands!!!!! In and of itself was worth seeing the whole place!
Tonight was dining at libkowicz palace. Unbelievable. The food was spectacular the wine was tremendous string quartet playing. we felt like royalty. And this isn't even one of the highlight meals on the trip!
Today it's Prague. These photographs to not do the city justice. I think this is the most beautiful city I've ever seen including Paris.
They gave us some complementary babovka cake. I took a picture of this because there's no way I'll ever remember it otherwise.
Had to wait 20 minutes for a room but they said they upgraded it. With a Riverview. Here is a picture of our view. Right now we are using the complementary iron to get our clothes ready for this evening's meal.
OK, funny story today. While waiting in the train station in Munich for a train to Prague we bumped into another couple that are also going on this cruise. We spent the entire train ride with them exchanging stories. We sat in a very nice little compartment. And it was more than halfway through the trip that found out we were sitting in second-class when we bought tickets in first class. However, when we went to look at the seats in first class they really weren't that much better.

14 September 2016

Finally, one last view of the frauenkirche before we say goodbye to Jake and head for our hotel. tomorrow it's off to Prague
Of course no visit to Germany or Munich would be complete without a visit to the Hofbrau house and a beer
We visit the local market in the center of town where hops have come into season
Once again we are eating. This time it is lunch at the pchorr restaurant home of the famous pschorr brewery.
Then once again we are on a forced march with Jake to Munich. One of the first things we see is the old glockenspiel at the new town Hall called a rat house.

13 September 2016

Once again we are breaking with tradition by finding a very cute pizza place to have supper at
Today we were pushed again and so we stayed around and shop in Garmisch. But of course we had to have a schwartzwald kuche.

12 September 2016

And of course after a full day in Germany we settle in to an Indian dinner.
Finally a benediction monastery.
Then it was off to oberamergau for shopping.
Jake and the little farm we had a picnic at. More cheese and meat!
Today was the big day with jake at neuschwanstein castle. 269 stairs. Yikes!

11 September 2016

Dinner at muhthefuck.
There is a thunderstorm going on right now so I think the rest of this day is toast
I went alone on a walk to the park and found one of those same healthy walk ways that was at the hotel. I couldn't fully understand the sign but I understand there was a waterwheel and that walkway there since 1643. Obviously this was a re-creation. However, it looked like people still use it.
Having not seen what we wanted to see at the top of the Zugspitze we went down and had lunch on the Elbsee the lake below the mountain. I had ordered some Weiss wurst, and when they came they came poached. I've never had sausage like that before.
Today was supposed to be our special trip up to the Zugspitze. I am afraid however that when we got to the top most of the view was covered by clouds.

10 September 2016

Last night we went out to eat and took a walk in the park and when we came back there was a German band playing. I am afraid we only caught the last of their concert.
Finally, we went to the site of the 1936 winter Olympics. The original stadium that was used for the opening ceremonies was still intact. Also the ski jumps are still in tact although they have been redone. Of interest and note were that the statues had to be redone to take down all the nazi . symbols
Next, it was a completely out-of-the-way place that had the original Roman Road still in tact. It was not marked hardly at all. There's no way unless you were local you could've known about it. It was very interesting
Today we met our personal guide Jake. An American living here in Germany. He took us to a amsbag palace. Then we went to the town of Innsbruck in Austria. I learned an awful lot about that town that I had not known before.
This morning it's off with our guide Jake to Innsbruck Austria. The morning is clear and this is our view. It is tremendous

9 September 2016

Last night it was time to taste what was recommended the best restaurant in town. It was Italian. They were right it was great. Homemade tiramisu
This is another shot of our hotel. Also, there is a small pool that I didn't understand what it was for. Turns out it is a mineral bad that you walk through and it's good for your circulation.
We are shopping downtown Garmisch. I am getting this out-of-the-way first day. I'm enjoying it too
Lucky our first day here is market day. This is where we're having morning coffee. I cut in line and was scolded

8 September 2016

After a very long flight to Iceland and then to Munich we drove down to Garmisch. Had to wait about an hour to pick up the rental car. But this is a beautiful spot. We are now exhausted and hope to go have something to eat and drink a beer.

6 September 2016

The journey starts today at Laura's house Dan Cook says have a list dinner. What a great way to get sent off.