Israel · 4 Days · 8 Moments · November 2015

jerrell's voyage in Israel

11 November 2015

Day Three :: Began on shore of Dead Sea, then En Gedi (where David hid in caves from Saul), Qumran (discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls), Wadi (for very nice hike, over-looking Sea & insights into Matthew 7), Wrapping up the day with a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee at sunset.

10 November 2015

Day Two :: Wilderness of Zin (where Israelites wandered in the desert), Camel Ride, Bedouin Coffee & Hospitality, Hiking up Roman Ramparts at Masada, ending day with a swim in the Dead Sea. Great Day Walking the Land of the Text...

9 November 2015

Seminary on Wheels
Biblical Gardena at Yad Hasmona
Valley of Elah (where David faced Goliath)
Overlooking the Sorek Valley from Bet Shemesh // (Samon's hometown in background)

8 November 2015

Last lay over in Instanbul, Turkey... ...first thing Monday morning, we begin trekking through the Land of the Book...
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