United Kingdom · 1 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

Jen's journi to Greece

15 July 2017

I phoned Eve and she's going to walk along to meet me in a little while, then we can figure out what to do later. She'll probably go out with her pals, but I'm going to need an early night. I'd also like to get up sharp and explore the town while it's still cool and there not too many folk to say Giasou to.. It's currently 29*C but feels much hotter as there's no breeze at all, but tomorrow has thunderstorms forecast - the first rain for 6 months apparently! I think I will like that. For now, I'm going to take a little nap and wait for Eve to find me. Giasou.
I can apparently order breakfast to be delivered from a local deli for 2.50€ every morning, but the menu is (literally) all Greek to me! I'll need to ask for some help later tonight as I rather like the idea of brekkie on the balcony. Apparently nobody wakes up till around 10 or 11, then they siesta from 3-5, shower, go for drinks and dinner around 9, then stay up all night. I think Eve has found her spiritual home.
My host at the King Agamemnon studios is lovely. I had a glass of homemade limoncello, with a chunk of watermelon, waiting for me, and I wasn't allowed to leave reception till I'd mastered 'Giasou' which is a traditional greeting, meaning hello, goodbye, and cheers. 'This word will make you friends' I was advised. Serious business apparently, as otherwise I will be regarded as a snob, and since absolutely nobody will be able to understand me because I'm Scottish (fact), I definitely need to be able to say this one word in Greek. Ok. My room is fine. Pretty basic, but clean, and with a stunning view of the mountains and harbour. I've a lovely little balcony, which overlooks the main road. Hopefully my exhaustion will knock me out tonight as the Greek drivers seem very fond of horn-tooting and shouting at each other.
Kefalonia airport is minuscule. As is the runway! I was convinced we were going to scoot right off the other end, and into the houses which are perilously close to the airport - but the pilot obviously did very well in his emergency stops when he was sitting his driving test, so catastrophe was avoided. Once we'd all recovered from the g-force, we were whisked off the plane and allowed to meander across the runway, with no particular guidance. That was the point I started to see how chilled the Greek Islands are. My hotel transfer didn't show, but I got a very nice taxi driver (name unknown) who informed me he had lived in Alaska for 10 years and used to have 30 Malamutes! Entirely unprompted too.
Day Two... I finally got to the Travelodge at 01.40hrs, and needed to catch the shuttle bus at 03.45hrs to get my flight to Kefalonia. Thankfully, there was a rather nice taxi driver who took pity on me and a couple of others, and ran us to the airport for the same price as the bus would have been. Talk about tiredness! I was asleep before the flight attendant could unravel her dummy life jacket. I very cleverly managed to waken myself up every 30-40mins so I could wiggle my toes , thus preventing the dvt which my currently enormous frame predisposes me to, but otherwise I slept through. I didn't even get to enjoy my almost-exploded-Pringles, which always taste so much better on a plane (there's some kind of science to explain that apparently) but this undoubtedly helped in the dvt prevention anyway, so it's all good.

14 July 2017

Today I finished work early so I could pack, and repack, as is my wont. I then had a last minute dash to get my nails sandblasted into a semblance of niceness (thank you Rachel - you are truly blessed with some mad talon-skillzzzz), before rushing to the airport. Of course my flight is delayed by almost three hours. Of course. That lovely Travelodge bed - with the comfiest mattress and pillows in the world - will only be in use for around two hours at this rate! I'll need to fit a turbo to my power nap if I'm going to be awake for tomorrow's 'seemed like a good idea at the time' 06.00hrs flight to Kefalonia. This is where my night-shift ninja training will hopefully come in handy.