Australia and Oceania, Asia, Europe · 24 Days · 30 Moments · June 2017

Jenny's tour through Italy, Iceland, Denmark,

18 July 2017

Thingvellir National Park - Golden Circle Iceland

11 July 2017

Wildflowers of Iceland

9 July 2017

Ring Road Iceland- road trip Day 1 stop 1 Kilugljúfur - waterfall

8 July 2017

Gullfoss - Golden Circle
Golden Circle Tour highlights included Geysir, Gullfoss & Thingvellir National Park

6 July 2017

4July my Birthday 🎉 a day of travel & adventure. Started the day on the Lago Maggiore & finished in Milano. We took the ferry from Intra to Laveno on the Lago. We then stopped at Lago Di Varese to hire bikes & cycle around the Lake which was suppose to be a distance of 28km but ended up being 35km as we got a bit lost & went in a circle for a while. After the bike ride we drove onto Milano & delivered the hire car back to Avis & had dinner at BYS restaurant (Food is fuckin funny) odd slogan to have on your shopfront but the best Milanese cutlet (schnitzel ever)
More photos walking Tour Milan, Duomo & other Bldg
Our accommodation in Reykjavik- Foss Hotel, room 1508, a bit pricey, but at least we get breakfast
Slightly funny or odd signage in Iceland

5 July 2017

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary spent visiting the Last Supper & walking tour of Milan, certainly got in our 10,000 steps for the day
A visit to the Last Supper. After being disappointed when we last visited Milan in 2015 we finally got to see the illusive Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci on the refectory wall of the Dominican monastery of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, Milan.

4 July 2017

More Birthday day photos. We were surprised to come across the AIS on the banks of Lago Di Varese, not much sporty stuff happening.

2 July 2017

Night light over Lago Maggiore
From the water looking at the coast line villages/towns - Cannobio, Cannero & Luino

1 July 2017

Our accommodation in Cannero Riviera on the Lago Maggiore. The kids were fortunate to stay on the waterfront in an apartment & we stayed in a small hotel in the Centro. The reason we were not together was that P booked our accommodation & then he decided to include the kids in the trip but couldn't get them a room in our hotel, however he was offered a self contained apartment by the proprietor.
More Lavertezzo walk pic
Went on a beautiful hike from picturesque Lavertezzo with its famous stone bridge Ponte dei Salti up the valley toward Ganne (on the Swiss side of the Lake) Walking close by river with its abundant huge boulders which many people use for a picnic or to sun bath. At times the path gets steeper so there are many tiny waterfalls flowing between the rocks, making the scenery truly breathtaking. The first part of the hike (from Lavertezzo to Ganne) is also known as Sentiero per l'Arte with many art exhibits along the path.
And more Lavertezzo walk pics

29 June 2017

Catch up with Fam' Fabian, Jenny & little Kian Just & a walk up the hill to take in the view of Cannero & surrounds

28 June 2017

Torre dei Lamberti, Verona - the view over the world heritage listed old city of Verona
Hotel Accademia, Verona, our digs for the night
Whilst Verona 😴 sleeps; an early morning stroll
Arena Di Verona
Whilst Verona sleeps; a walk along the River & surrounds

27 June 2017

An afternoon wandering around beautiful Verona. Very warm & humid weather. Great gelato 🍧
Juliette's balcony Verona, with & without people. I don't know what all this rubbing of the statue's breast is all about; but Jj & Patrick didn't want to miss out, so had to get in on the game!
On the train from Munich to Verona passing through beautiful lush countryside & the outskirts of the Dolomites.

26 June 2017

Landed in Dubai need to wait a couple of hours then off to Munich. Taking a rest on the public lounges which are dotted around the airport.
Stuck in Bangkok & it's been about 5hours. Uurrgghh, plane delayed due to technical problem with some electrics. Jj had no power in Business Class for the 1st leg from Sydney, which meant no movies & he couldn't recline his seat to lie down flat 🤣🤣. We had power in economy altho' they did a reset of electrical devices 3times during the flight ✈️ All very tired 😴 now

25 June 2017

Checked in & guess who got upgraded to Business Class!!? JJ Dockhorn because they were overbooked on his direct to Dubai A380 flight, so he is now flying with us & his parents are in cattle class. Nice for some. Waiting to board the flight to Bangkok & then onto Dubai. Note to PD plse book direct flight next time 😊