Philippines · 148 Days · 3 Moments · August 2015

Jenny's adventure in Philippines

4 January 2016

Kite surfing Bulabog Beach, Boracay. Loved staying I. The other side of the island away from White Beach. 10 mins walk to get over there so very close but lovely and quiet with just the wind for company... Oh and 499 kite surfers.

21 December 2015

Underground River, Puerto Princessa,. Amazing cave and really worth the look, however it's a long day of waiting otherwise. The new audio tours are great as they make everyone quiet during the tour, however they really need to organise better. The permits are bought sometimes a month before so they know how many people they will have for the day. It would be better if they gave you an approximate time so your giude could arrange for you to arrive closer to your boat time. At present you all come, register your permits (which seems strange) and then get queued for a boat. We had a two hour wait and then when we got to the cave another hour because there was a bottleneck at the entrance. You couldn't swim becausee of the boats coming and going so you just had to sit there again and wait. It would be awesome if they restricted one area of the beach for swimming and then it would be fine. You could swim and enjoy the beach while waiting and everyone would be happy. Amazing to see though.

10 August 2015

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