Denmark · 6 Days · 12 Moments · April 2016

Adventures in Copenholm

4 May 2016

WED 05.03.16 It's 11:14AM and in our final moments in Copenhagen we await our train to Stockholm, Sweden. Copenhagen has been wonderful. I truly experienced the coziness and charm of the city. Now I am looking forward to the Stockholm experience. Only a five hour train ride away.

3 May 2016

One of the attractions I was looking forward to most was a day at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and it did not disappoint. We took a 40 minute train ride from Copenhagen to Humblebaek where MOMA is just a 10 minute through the peaceful fishing town. The day was perfect. There's something about art and creative expression that allows you to pause, reflect and introduces you to other perspectives. I was inspired to take photos and brought my DSLR to capture pieces from my favorite exhibitions. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

2 May 2016

The Louisiana Museum is closed on Mondays so Crystal and I did an itinerary swap-a-roo and we were set. It may have felt like a leisurely day but as I reflect back it was actually jam packed and full of walking. We probably ate the most food today :D Always okay in my book! We started with a delicious brunch at Mad & Kaffe in Vesterbro followed by a day of shopping and wandering at the heart of the city. Strøget, Europe's longest pedestrian street (my Fitbit will confirm) is tourist central. Full of kaffe shops, tons of shopping (from boutiques to large department stores), soft ice and people everywhere. We got lost down a few cobblestone alley ways which led us to charming underground jewelry boutiques. Next stop: Nyhavn for some soft ice & photos ops. After a full day of shopping, we hopped on the local bus back home for a cat nap before our late night tapas at Pate Pate in the meat packing district. This was a great find (good job Crystal) and one of my favorite meals so far.

1 May 2016

I start this post acknowledging that blogging is not easy. When you're on the go and traveling you have to allow some time for reflection. I am learning that this not only applies to travel but my life in general. Sometimes I take myself way too seriously. The busyness of life, climbing the corporate ladder, balancing social life... sometimes it feels like a chore. Today I was reminded that laughing at yourself and letting loose is a must in life. Life does not have to be on a schedule all the time. It was great to feel like a kid again. Crystal and I headed to Tivoli, which is a beautiful, world-famous amusement park and garden. The second oldest and one of the most visited parks in the world. Disney's inspiration and a truly unique experience with its own magic and charm. I was surrounded by stunning gardens, children laughing, exhilarating rides and people that seemed... HAPPY. People watching at its best. I could have spent the entire day here. One day I will be back.
Leave it to Crystal and I to travel all the way to Denmark and crave pho. Sure. We drank the night before but pho in Copenhagen? Lucky for us Pho Saigon was only a five minute stroll from our walk up. However, the flavors were just as confusing as the Mandarin speaking, Vietnamese owners. Definitely not the same as Than Brothers or Turtle Tower. Lesson learned. When in the Nordic don't eat pho. *shakes head* #fail
#JETLAG. Sweet baby Jesus! I woke up well rested and in an incredible mood this morning! The sun was beating down on our faces through the cute little window of our top floor apartment in Vesterbro. I stretched out in bed, made some high pitched squeals (those that know me will understand) smiling and ready for whatever today was to bring. So rest in peace jetlag. You may have won yesterday but I rallied and I'm ready for DAY TWO in Copenhagen. We've already seen so much and I feel lucky to have three more days here. So much to explore. Today we're off to Tivoli, some retail therapy and whatever else comes our way before our dinner reservation at Host. Good morning Copenhagen. Show me what you got. :D p.s. So glad Crystal and I are easy going travel companions. (so far) I know you will see this ;)
It's 3:44AM in Vesterbro and we just got back from our first night out at Curfew. Another cozy, speakeasy style, cocktail bar. The security almost didn't let me in because I was wearing Nikes. Ha! Either way a very welcoming place when you get inside. Takes you back in time and felt like prohibition in the 1920's. No Justin Bieber or Drake. Just classic Duke Ellington and John Coltrane playing over the speakers. Really great ambience. Apparently the bartender there submits his concoctions to a worldwide cocktail recipe top 100 list. Some of the cocktails featured here have made the list every year. My drink was the Little Dragon. Batting a thousand with my drink selections so far. :D

30 April 2016

Foodie time! It wouldn't be a Jha vacation without some tasty food and of course pictures of the beautiful food. After our cycling adventure we were basically starving. We still had an hour+ before our late lunch reservation so we checked out Torvehallerne. We briefly stopped by during our bike tour and decided to come back on our stroll to our lunch reservation. Imagine a trendy indoors Pike Place Market. Two glass buildings, fifty food stalls in each with an outdoor farmer's market in between. Super cute and Hygge. Crystal and I shared a fish cake lunch at Boutique Fisk. Then it was off to the main attraction. I booked a reservation at Aamanns Establishement ( weeks before our trip. When in Copenhagen you must try SMØRREBRØD (Danish open faced sandwiches). We enjoyed a tasting of several favorites including herring, smoked salmon, flank steak, chicken salad and tuna tartare. All of which were paired with a refreshing Pilsner. My tastebuds did a happy dance. :D
4:30AM. Yea mang. That's what time I woke up today. 4:30AM is when I had the genius idea (I have many of these just so you know) to journal and document my trip. I've never been a huge journal girl but figured I was going to do a lot of stuff this trip and what better way to remember it then reflect on each day and document the highlights? 4:30AM Crystal and I became "bloggers" LOL! We took it to the next level and decided to try and take those fun and creative photographs that those famous IG bloggers post. You know the ones that make you wonder how many takes it took to capture that perfect shot? Well the answer is an average of six. BEST. DECISION. EVER. There have been so many laughs while posing for these silly photos that have come out surprisingly well. It's bringing out the playful and creative side of me that SF has sucked out of my soul. More of these pics to come. For now I leave my followers (did I just say followers?) with photos from today's bike tour.

29 April 2016

Day One: Settling in and roaming around the Meatpacking District. So our airBnB is adorable! Crystal picked out this cute and Hygge top floor apartment in the trendy neighborhood of Vesterbro. I'll be getting my daily workout climbing 7 flights of stairs every day. Our host recommended we head to the meatpacking district for dinner. Since our reservation to Redbox didn't come through (rude! They never replied) we decided to go for a stroll and checked out Neighborhood "NBH", a trendy and organic pizza and salad joint. It was a one hour wait so Crystal and I ordered some tasty cocktails in the waiting area that I confused as the bar. Geez even waiting areas in Europe are fab. My favorite drink... wait for it... "Apple Basil". Basil infused vodka in freshly squeezed apple juice, some other heavenly ingredients and fresh basil to top it off. Two drinks later I was "happy jha". On the walk back we witnessed what I can only describe as amaze. Imagine Bay to Breakers on rollerblades.
Photo: Crystal ordering her latte. My first Soy Latte at Cafe Navnlos in Vesterbro. This was right down the street from our airBnB. We got lost trying to find this place. Just imagine two obvious tourists rolling around our luggage and walking around the same block twice. Everyone is blonde haired, blue eyed (and stylish!) and probably thinking who are these two Asian girls? I bet these locals are wondering why the heck we're vacationing here when the forecast was rain and chilly weather. Luckily we got sunshine! *sticks out tongue* The kaffe... definitely no Philz ecstatic ice but in the moment I didn't care because all I was thinking was "I am in freaking Copenhagen damnt!" The fact that I was on vacation in Europe finally started to kick in. This is also the spot where I decided to download a Danish language app so I'm not the stereotypical ignorant tourist. Thank God they speak English here! Interesting fact: EVERYTHING is described as Hygge aka "cozy" in Copenhagen.
Survived the 10 hour flight from SFO to CPH on Scandinavian Airlines. Excited for this adventure with my bestie in Copenhagen and Stockholm! More detailed posts to come!